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This K-12 school in Abu Dhabi launches its first esports center

Esports K-12 Schools

Aldar Education and Lenovo have launched the first esports center at a K-12 school in Abu Dhabi.

Located at Aldar Education’s Sias Academy, the facility will provide students with gaming equipment, software and immersive experiences. It will enable students to explore the world of esports and pursue their passion for gaming.

Lenovo and its partners are bringing emerging technologies like virtual reality into the classroom—expanding teachers’ toolkits and enhancing students’ experiences.

As part of the partnership, the eSports Zone will feature 360-degree solutions, including innovative PCs and monitors, for gaming immersion.

“Through this new initiative, Lenovo continues its commitment to supporting education and helping young people unleash their full potential through technology,” said Mohammed Hilili, general manager of Lenovo Bay.

“Aldar Education clearly understands the potential of gaming to have a profound impact on the lives of students and has confidence in Lenovo to provide integrated and customized esports solutions. We look forward to working with Aldar Education to bring this exciting new initiative to life, And engage all students in gaming tournaments.”

Andrew Turner, Head of the Educational Technology Group at Aldar Education, added: “We are delighted to open this exciting cutting-edge learning space to students at Sias Academy. Esports is a fast-growing industry and we have introduced it to our school family All students in. Many people think that esports is all about playing numbers games, but that is not the case. This industry provides opportunities for our students to enter careers related to entrepreneurship, marketing, graphic design, coding and more.

“In this new learning space, our students will learn about a variety of topics related to the games industry, including coding, game design and 3D prototyping. We are excited to offer our students the opportunity to explore opportunities related to the esports industry opportunities and develop valuable soft skills such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving.

The new Lenovo Esports Center is an important addition to our ongoing strategy to ensure our students have access to the latest technology and a unique learning experience. “

The growth of esports in the Middle East

Esports has experienced significant growth in the Middle East in recent years as more fans, players and investments have poured into the industry. The market in the MENA region is expected to reach USD 105 million by 2024, growing at an annual rate of 25%. There are currently more than 18 million gamers in the region, with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt being the largest markets.

The growth of esports in the Middle East is also reflected in the growing number of tournaments, events and facilities. As its popularity continues to rise, the industry is expected to be a significant contributor to the region’s economy and provide opportunities for local and international players and investors.

In other news, last year Gems Education and Lenovo signed a memorandum of understanding and launched an esports initiative to accelerate access to gaming opportunities for students.

As part of the partnership, Lenovo launched the first-ever “Legion Gaming Zone” at Dubai’s Gems Modern Academy – a 360-degree solution that includes Legion PCs and monitors for gaming and high-performance ThinkStation workstations for design and programming .

The MOU also provides educational institutions with Yoga Tab tablets, which provide teachers with the tools they need to deliver lessons, increase visibility and efficiency, and drive key outcomes.

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