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This strain of feline coronavirus is killing cats. Can it be transmitted to humans? | world news


A feline coronavirus strain is wreaking havoc on Cyprus’ large feline population. The eastern Mediterranean islands, home to the earliest evidence of cat domestication, are known as the “islands of cats.” Because many of the island’s felines are strays, conservationists say the number of feline deaths from the disease is significantly higher than the 107 officially reported cases of FIP.

Feline Disease in Cyprus: Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) has spread rapidly across Cyprus in recent months. (representative)

The disease – feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) – is not contagious to humans but has spread rapidly in Cyprus in recent months. It is “highly contagious” in cats. Since January, we have lost 30 Thousands of cats.

Experts say the number of cats on the island equals or exceeds the population of Cyprus. In the south of the country, one in three cats has died from the virus.

What are the symptoms of the disease and how far does it spread?

Symptoms in cats with FIP include fever, abdominal distension, weakness, and sometimes aggression. But many cats are strays, making diagnosis difficult.

Several people who feed stray cats told AFP that many of their regular customers had disappeared and that few bodies had been found. Suspected outbreaks are also spreading in cat populations in Lebanon and Israel.

Are there treatment options available?

To curb the spread, two treatment options are being considered – Monupiravir, an anti-coronavirus pill, and another antiviral tablet, GS-441524, which has a chemical composition similar to that used to treat the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). The drug remdesivir is similar.


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