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TikTok launches new feature to clean up video thumbnails

TikTok launches new feature to clean up video thumbnails

published: 2023-01-06T12:47:54

renew: 2023-01-06T12:48:05

TikTok is reportedly rolling out to more users a feature that allows you to view thumbnails of videos as you browse through them — here’s what you need to know.

short video platform Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps in the world and they are constantly adding new features to upload content and communicate with application Easier.

In early 2022, the platform will begin allowing users to create ten-minute-long videos, extending it from the previous three-minute maximum limit, Many users have taken full advantage of this capability.

While you can already use the slider at the bottom of longer posts to skip videos, users are now reporting that TikTok has also added the ability to view thumbnails of related videos while swiping.

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On January 5, social media consultant Matt Navarra shared a video demonstrating this handy feature.

The slider thumbnails work pretty much the same as they do in the YouTube app. Users with access to the feature simply drag the dot across the white bar at the bottom of the screen, and an image preview of the video you hover over will appear above the bar. Then, just let go of the dot to skip to that part of the video.

It’s unclear if this feature will roll out to everyone at some point, so if you don’t currently have access, you may just be waiting for it to expand to more regions and devices.

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Regardless, the feature is a welcome addition to many people who prefer to skip to important parts of longer videos on TikTok.

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