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Tom Cruise is constantly risking his death for our entertainment. Thank God.


Photo illustration: Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Paramount Pictures

Photo illustration: Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Paramount Pictures

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We’ve got all kinds of in-depth, exclusive coverage of all your favorite streamers and new releases, but sometimes all you need is a simple “do’s or don’ts.” That’s why we created See/Skip, to tell you exactly what our writers think you should see and what you can skip from this past week’s crowded entertainment landscape.

look: Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1

Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson in Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1.

Christian Black/Paramount Pictures

Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 A testament to the blood-pressure-pumping power of actual stunts and the madness of Tom Cruise, he led the seventh In: me The film—a timely invective against artificial intelligence—is infectiously fearless.

Here’s Nick Shager’s take on it:

“In 2022, we accomplished a miraculously multifaceted Top Gun: Maverick— reinvigorated its post-pandemic box office, reaffirming its headlines eternal youth, and Beating out famous ’80s predecessors in thrills and glamour—Tom Cruise returns to the spy game Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1is the first of a two-film series of finales designed to prove that the 60-year-old leading man can still do it all.

Tom Cruise’s stunt in new ‘Mission: Impossible’ is as spectacular as you’d hope

Of course, that included performing stunning stunts alone, as Cruise did in the third act of the summer sequel, racing his motorcycle down a sloping cliff in the Austrian Alps before parachuting onto a moving train . It’s yet another testament to his enduring manliness and the latest in a series of bold feats designed to keep moviegoers breathless and raise the blood pressure of leading production insurance companies. “

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look: happy trip

Photos from the movie

happy trip Reminiscent of the bombastic bro comedies of yesteryear, with a refreshingly gender-swapped twist—all male objectification, always—and for the better. It’s not flawless, but what it lacks in cohesion it makes up for with raunchy, scene-stealing performances.

Here’s what Fletcher Peters had to say:

“Any movie featuring a group of friends ass chug The accumulation of cocaine in various parts of the body should be highly regarded. happy trip present such a scene. On that alone, the sex comedy should be a hit of summer hilarity. This movie almost achieves that, but not quite as entertaining.

‘Joy Ride’ gleefully objectifies men — and it’s a good thing

Nevertheless, in a little over 90 minutes, happy tripThis fast-paced, intelligent R-rated comedy deserves a full-throttle in theaters.Adele Lim’s films are suitable for the following genres bridesmaid and girls travel—that is, beneath all the big dicks and frequent rants, there’s real emotional depth. After the characters drink 80 lines of cocaine or show off their “pussy tattoos,” they also ponder their identities, question their choices as young Asian women, and analyze their friendships. This might sound like an unstable tonal balance. but, happy trip Manages to feel lighthearted while still touching on the sentimental part of friendship. “

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look: Sonja and Luann: Welcome to Crappie Lake

Photo of Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan on Bravo's episode of

Sonja and Luann: Welcome to Crappie Lake may be blatant plagiarism simple lifeBut its brazenness is its strength. Sending two brave men to hack the TV in a small Illinois town is the ideal mind-boggling TV show for the summer.

Here’s what Coleman Spilde had to say:

“When you look back on the summers of your adolescence, you probably think of lemonade stands and mowing lawns for Buffalo nickels. On the other hand, I fondly remember the devastation spoiled heiresses wreaked in small-town America. I Think we are so different!

Sonia and LuAnn are Paris and Nicole’s second – perhaps funnier

As a preteen, some of my favorite summer memories include watching paris hilton and nicole richie They experienced culture shock as they traveled the country on the groundbreaking reality show, “This Is So Hot,” simple life. When the show moved to E! In the summer of 2006, the network aired a fourth season, and luckily my parents decided I was old enough to watch it. My sister and I would watch marathon reruns that aired throughout the day, frying the lobes of our lungs to dangerous levels. When people say TV melts kids’ brains, they’re not entirely wrong, but gosh, does that really feel right?

if you belong simple life Or if you like raucous reality TV shows in which wealthy women invade small towns to try to “help” their residents, then you’ll be delighted Sonja and Luann: Welcome to Crappie Lake“.

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look: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

A photo of actor Paul Wesley as Kirk in

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds As charming as a classic Star Trek series, but with one major change: a new look of the beloved Captain Pike, the best look in the series thanks to a hauntingly warm lead performance.

Here’s what Geoffrey Bunting had to say:

“annoying Star Trek A nerd like me always cringes at the question: “Who’s the best” Star Trek team leader? ‘ when I started watching Star Trekwhen we were still playing Game Boys and enjoying this new show called “Game Boys” The Simpsonsthe answer is a refreshing duality: James T. Kirk (William Shatner) or Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). But in the years since, the problem has become more complicated.

Fuck it, Kirk and Picard: The Best Star Trek Captain Is Pike

Or, if the answer wasn’t so obvious, it might be.Christopher Pike – played by Anson Mount in the current episode strange new world, Star TrekTwelfth Series – The Best Star Trek team leader. The story is over.With the baggage of decades, it can be shocking to learn that one of these Star TrekThe newest captain is the best. But Pike’s approachable demeanor and warm, fatherly leadership style set him apart. Mount’s abundant, positive, fatherly energy set him apart from Pike. He wasn’t just a dad to his crew—he was a dad to all of us. “

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