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Tom Sizemore hospitalized after brain aneurysm

Tom Sizemore hospitalized after brain aneurysm

Actor Tom Sizemore is currently hospitalized with a brain aneurysm.  (Photo: Getty)

Actor Tom Sizemore is currently hospitalized with a brain aneurysm. (Photo: Getty)

actor tom sizemore I am in critical condition after suffering a brain aneurysm.

this hot The 61-year-old star was rushed to hospital overnight from his Los Angeles home. He is currently in intensive care.

Sizemore’s agent, Charles Lago, confirmed the actor’s condition to Yahoo Entertainment and said they are currently awaiting more information on his condition.

“I can confirm that Tom is hospitalized in intensive care with a brain aneurysm. He’s in critical condition and it’s a wait-and-see situation,” Largo told Yahoo Entertainment. “His family is aware and awaiting an update. There are no further updates at this time.”

lago told before fox news Everyone is “hoping for the best” but “it is too early to know the status of his recovery as he is in critical condition and is under observation.”

Sizemore chronicled his chaotic life in his 2017 memoir, Miraculously, I made it from there, The most famous films include Passenger 57 and Saving Private RyanHowever, his professional success was often overshadowed by his personal problems, including substance abuse and domestic violence convictions.

Back in 2017, Sizemore recall asking jack nicholson Received a $10 million loan at the height of his addiction. Living in his car, squatting for two years, he turned to Nicholson for financial help.

“I asked some people for money. I asked Jack Nicholson, ‘Can you lend me $10 million? And he said, ‘All in all, no,'” Sizemore recalled.

Sizemore was jailed for six months in 2003 for physically abusing his then-girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss. In 2007, he was sentenced to 16 months in prison for violating his probation.

Sizemore’s work has been consistent in recent years, with several projects slated for release in 2023.

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