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Too hot to go outside? These 6 new indoor parks in the UAE deserve your attention!


Adrenark Adventure Indoor Park United Arab Emirates

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With the temperature rising day by day, summer already has us sweating. The scorching heat outside definitely makes us want to stay in the comfort (and coolness) of our home. But let’s be honest, it can get boring fast! So, for those of you who are tired of staying indoors and want to get outside for some fun-filled activities without enduring the sweltering heat, this article is for you. We’ve put together a list of all the new indoor parks in the UAE that you must check out. As it happens, it also includes places that haven’t opened yet!

UAE’s new indoor park

1. Snow Abu Dhabi

Image source: https://reemmall.ae/en/snow-abu-dhabi#!

There’s a lot of excitement around an open place snow park in Abu Dhabi. Opening June 8, people can’t wait to catch a glimpse of this amazing attraction. This will be spread over 10,000 square feet. As one of the largest indoor snow parks in the world, you can look forward to 12 adrenaline-fueled rides and 17 new attractions. This new park will offer exciting rides such as the Polar Express, Ice and Floes, Buffer Tube and Snow Bunny Hill, just to name a few. Not to mention, there will also be the Lodge Restaurant, Groto Amphitheater and Ice Cafe among the dining options.

Where: Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi

2. Sea World Abu Dhabi

Sea World Abu Dhabi According to the Khaleej Times, it will open on May 23. It is said to be the world’s largest marine aquarium on Yas Island. Once the massive indoor attraction opened its doors, people fell in love with this groundbreaking sea life theme park. It will feature eight immersive realms, 15 interactive experiences and many exciting rides. In addition, people will witness more than 100 species of marine life in the park.

Where: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

3. Crocodile Park

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Crocodile Park just opened in Dubai on April 18th. As it happens, this is an exciting and educational experience where one can see more than 200 Nile crocodiles of all ages. The 20,000 square meter park allows people to watch crocodiles in a safe and controlled environment. Not to mention, the park is also home to other reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and even birds!

Where: mushrif dubai

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4. Neon Galaxy

Image credit: Instagram/dubaiparksresorts

neon galaxy, as you might have guessed, is a space-themed indoor park at Dubai Parks and Resorts. It opened in Riverland Dubai and occupies a whopping 860 square meters. This indoor park offers multiple levels of adventure for kids and teens, with multiple ninja lessons, slides and space themes, and educational rock climbing. A cosmic experience, the park just opened last month.

Where: Riverland Dubai, Dubai Parks and Resorts

5. Prison Island

prison island Opened in Abu Dhabi not long ago. After a huge success, it will open in Sharjah’s Al Zahia city center on May 25, reports the Khaleej Times. As the name suggests, this is a prison-themed indoor arena, and each cell offers you and your squad the perfect opportunity to put your mind to work. From physical obstacles to fun puzzles, there is something for everyone.

Where: Al Zahia City Center, Sharjah

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6. Adrenaline adventure

adrenaline adventure is a new indoor park that opened on the first day of Eid. This new indoor arena is a great place where families can have fun-filled time, as the venue has a no-ticket policy for those who just want to enter the park and take part in the various activities here. Located in Al Qana, Abu Dhabi, it offers a variety of interactive activities and a great environment for children and adults, but they can experience exciting adventure rides. From electric go-karts and roller coasters to trick bag jumps, there’s a variety of exciting rides for guests to experience.

Where: Rabdan Al Maqta’a, Al Qana, Abu Dhabi

So if you’re also looking for an experience that doesn’t require stepping outside in the sweltering heat, be sure to check out all these new attractions in the UAE.

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