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Top Home Salon Services in the UAE in 2023

The home salon industry has started to gain a lot of popularity, owing to the comfort and convenience it provides. Recently, ServiceMarket analyzed the Home Salon requests that came in from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah from Jan 2023 to Aug 2023 to determine which home salon services are the most in demand amongst UAE residents.

Let’s have a closer look at the 10 Home Salon services that have been popular in the UAE in 2023.

Home Salon Service
Gel Nail Extensions9.3%
Nail Polish Application/Removal1.5%

                        Percentage of total Home Salon requests received Jan23 – Aug23


Manicures and pedicures or mani-pedi as they are more commonly called, top the list as the most sought-after home salon service in the UAE. A good mani-pedi not only helps you groom your nails to make your hands and feet appear elegant but is a complete relaxing experience to get those endorphins flowing.


Massage services account for almost 1/5th of the total home salon services’ demand. UAE life can be very hectic and a good pick me up massage at the end of a long hectic day can do wonders for your mood.  Therefore, there is no surprise that it holds the second position, highlighting the importance of relaxation and wellness amongst UAE residents. With a range of different massage experiences to choose from, including Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy, ServiceMarket has a lot to offer which is why Massage at Home is one for the top home salon services in demand.


The demand for waxing, which comes out at the third position, is mostly fueled by the recurring need to get the service done. While laser is becoming increasingly popular, it is not a permanent hair removal method. Therefore, waxing is still high in demand with the waxing at home service being highly convenient.

Gel Nail Extensions

Gel nail extensions have gained major traction in the past few years. Since gel nail extensions require regular maintenance and need to be removed and reapplied after every few weeks, the service is in the top 10.


Hair services have always remained one of the main services offered at salons. It is interesting to note that out of all the hair service requests made almost 60% were for Blow Dry! The option of having a hairstylist at your doorstep is very convenient and UAE residents seem to be taking advantage of the service as now they can get a quick blow dry for any party or social commitment in the comfort of their home.


Everyone wants those perfectly arched eyebrows. Therefore, women in the UAE get them waxed, threaded or laminated to get that perfect arch and color. The convenience of getting your eyebrows done in the comfort of your home makes the service even more appealing.


Hair removal services have remained popular salon services since the beginning. Threading, a traditional method of facial hair removal, is a useful hair removal technique for smaller areas on the face. It is often booked as an add-on to the key services.


The importance of skincare is being highlighted a lot by skin experts and influencers in the media. Consequently, everyone wants that no makeup glow which can be achieved by getting a good facial or regular cleansing done by a professional skincare expert.

Nail Polish Application/Removal

Nail polish application and removal is one of those low-cost add-on services that one gets while booking a key service like hair color, facial or massage.


Henna, which originates from Middle eastern culture is naturally very popular in the UAE. Therefore, it coming in the top 10 home salon services in demand in the UAE was very predictable.


The analysis of the top 10 home salon services in the UAE provides us with insights into the preferences and grooming habits of the residents in the country.

According to the report some services seemed to be an all-time favorite amongst the residents of the UAE. Mani-pedi, massage, and waxing services dominate the market, highlighting the significance of nail care, wellness, and hair removal.

Nails services are highly popular especially with the spike in demand for Gel nails and Acrylic nail extensions in recent years. Nail services collectively account for a staggering 40% of the total demand!

Home salon services in the UAE are fast emerging in the beauty and grooming industry with the changing dynamics, with convenience being the driving factor.

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ServiceMarket is a leading online marketplace for home services. It currently offers more than 40 services across the UAE including Cleaning, Home Salon, Healthcare, Moving, Storage, Handyman and many more. With a strong market position, it focuses on customer satisfaction, ensuring its customers get high quality services at affordable rates.

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