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Traditional Emirati dishes in Abu Dhabi

Traditional Emirati dishes in Abu Dhabi

by IANSlife

New Delhi, 2 January (IANSlife): Unrivaled in aroma and texture, Emirati cuisine is one of the region’s most distinctive cuisines. Here are a few dishes to give you an idea of ​​the delicious and varied cuisine of the UAE:

Machboos – From hearty spiced rice to juicy, perfectly cooked whole chicken steamed underneath, machboos have been a staple of Emirati cuisine, and for good reason. Serve it with a bowl of yoghurt and spicy UAE chutney, and you’ve got a meal fit for royalty!

Thereed – This particular dish is truly special: Thereed consists of delicious chicken and the most fragrant Emirati spices, cooked to perfection on rich Arabic bread. You’re sure to lick your fingers after every bite of this luxurious delicacy!

Bedouin Lamb Stew – Simplicity is the key to this traditional dish, where the juiciest cuts of meat are simmered in a rich spice broth that instantly whets your appetite! This light but rich stew is best served with white rice to bring out the rich flavors of the stew.

Harees – A unique dish that combines a mouth-watering mixture of satisfying fried and spiced wheat with delicate chicken skewers, you can find Harees in every Emirati household as a mainstay of their cuisine. Make sure you’re prepared, because a tablespoon is enough to convince you of its addictive taste!

Saloona Zaman Awal – Have you heard of traditional spiced stew stuffed into freshly baked fluffy Arabic bread? Saloona Zaman Awal can surprise you both visually and taste buds! Foodies are sure to love this unique dish, and when they bite into the soft bread that holds the meat together, they’ll find strips of soft meat topped with a creamy tomato and chilli ragout.

Shopping experience in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Mall – With more than 200 stores and an average of 40,000 visitors per day, this destination is more than just a place to shop. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants and cafés serving food to suit all tastes, as well as a fun play area for children and a cinema.

The Galleria – The Galleria Al Maryah Island is an impressive mall located in the heart of the city. With more than 400 stores including 300 of the world’s most popular brands, 100 dining options and fun entertainment for all ages, the Galleria is a fun, family-friendly space to while away a few hours.

Marina Mall – Abu Dhabi – Located in one of the most prestigious and picturesque areas of the city of Abu Dhabi, the Marina Mall spans over 122,000 square meters and boasts an impressive retail space with over 400 high-end and high street stores !

Abu Dhabi World Trade Center Mall – a contemporary revival of the historic district in the heart of the city, the Old Central Market, which was the center of commerce and trade, is now a fully integrated mixed-use development with a shopping mall, modern souks ( market), offices and residences.

Al Wahda Mall – This sun-drenched, award-winning mall has a unique appeal thanks to its expansive skylight design, allowing shoppers access to a variety of local and international stores, large and small, on multiple floors. The impressive Lulu Supermarket and numerous dining options ensure there’s always something to satisfy your appetite.

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