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Dubai Police Rescue Man Trapped in Boat Avoiding Near Collision with Barrier

The Dubai Police Ports Police Station’s Marine Rescue and Maritime Security team were instrumental in preventing a boat collision at The World Islands.

Averted Disaster: Boat Owner’s Testimony

The boat avoiding near collision owner recounted a perilous situation when his boat broke down near the breakwater, with strong currents rapidly drawing it closer to the rocks.

Urgent Call for Help

Recognizing the imminent danger, the distressed boat owner immediately contacted the Dubai Police’s command and control center, urgently seeking assistance to avert disaster.

Swift Police Response

A Dubai Police officer engaged in calming and reassuring communication with the boat owner while coordinating the marine patrol’s rapid response.

Gratitude and Relief: Boat Avoiding Near Collision 

The boat owner expressed immense gratitude to the Dubai Police for their timely response, acknowledging that their intervention saved him from the looming peril.

Safety Measures: A Police Reminder

Brigadier Dr. Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, director of the Ports Police Station, underscored the importance of boat owners registering for the ‘Sail Safely’ service on the Dubai Police app, ensuring prompt responses to emergency reports.

Emergency Contacts

He also emphasized that boat owners should contact the Dubai Police Command and Control Centre at 999 during emergency situations, ensuring swift assistance and support.

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