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Travel worldwide on one ticket: fly multiple airlines

Unlock global exploration from the UAE: your gateway to the world. Benefiting from the strategic location between Europe and Asia, leading airlines have simplified worldwide travel by collaborating with key carriers in significant business and leisure hubs.

Emirates and Etihad Airways have established partnerships with international airlines, enabling seamless journeys for Dubai and Abu Dhabi flyers.

With this method, travelers can reach diverse cities using a single ticket, without the need for separate bookings.

A ‘one-baggage’ policy ensures checked luggage is directly transported to the final destination, eliminating intermediary claims and check-ins.

These two airlines have interline agreements with numerous counterparts, providing the opportunity to traverse the globe with a unified ticket.

For instance, Emirates’ partners include Air Canada, Qantas, United, Philippine Airlines, Japan Airlines, Gulf Air, Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Mauritius, Flydubai, Air Baltic, Air Malta, Azul, Batik Air, China Southern Airlines, Copa Airlines, and Garuda Indonesia.

Whether it’s connecting to various Canadian cities through Emirates’ agreement with Air Canada, exploring a multitude of Qantas destinations, or seamlessly traveling within and beyond Thailand with Thai Airways, the UAE’s strategic positioning ensures convenient and connected global exploration.

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