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Travis Scott gives away shirt and shoes to fans | Entertainment


Travis Scott gave away his shoes to a fan in the audience at a show.

The “Sicko Mode” hitmaker was performing at the Rolling Loud festival in the Netherlands over the weekend when he stepped up to the front row to approach the crowd and was quickly impressed by a man who rapped the lyrics directly to him .

In video clips circulating online, Travis appeared impressed by the fan’s ability to keep up with his own rhymes while exchanging lines on the microphone, quickly removing his shirt and handing it to him, along with the shoes .

While others in the neighborhood snatched up the clothes, the 32-year-old star made sure they got to their intended recipients.

The shirt appears to be unreleased “Utopia” merchandise, while the shoes are a pair of custom Nike Air Jordans the rapper recently wore.

The Dutch fan later admitted he had the best night of his life.

He shared photos of the new merchandise on Twitter, writing: “Greatest night of my life (sic)”

He also retweeted the video of the fan’s face-to-face moment with the idol, writing: “I won my life (sic)”

He told another fan: “Me and my new baby sleep like a baby, it’s not a lie (sic)”

This isn’t the first time Travis has given away his shoes.

Last year, when he left the Los Angeles nightclub TAO, he saw many fans outside waiting for autographs and group photos.

Although he jumped directly into a waiting car, the car then drove through the crowd and slowly approached it. Then the car pulls up, the windows rolled down, and Travis hands over a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Lows.

Waiting fans scrambled for souvenirs, and when Travis’ car pulled away, two of them each took home a shoelace.


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