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Trump gagged in NY fraud case outburst

A gag order was imposed on Donald Trump and others involved in his civil fraud trial by the overseeing judge. The judge, Justice Arthur Engoron of the New York state court in Manhattan, took this action after Trump criticized the judge’s top law clerk on social media, deeming such comments unacceptable.

During the trial’s second day, the judge prohibited both sides from discussing his staff and warned of “serious sanctions” for violations, potentially including contempt of court with fines or, in rare cases, jail time. The judge stated, “Consider this statement a gag order.”

The fraud case, brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, accuses Trump, his two adult sons, and the Trump Organization of inflating asset values to secure favorable loans and insurance terms. Trump’s social media post targeted the judge’s law clerk, which was later deleted.

The trial, which could run into December, encompasses multiple claims, including falsifying business records and insurance fraud. Trump plans to testify in his defense. Witnesses include his former accountant and others involved in the Trump Organization.

Aside from this civil fraud trial, Trump faces several criminal indictments and a civil damages trial, all of which he has denied wrongdoing in.

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