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Twitch streamers stunned as Amouranth delivers ‘shattered’ verdict

Twitch streamers stunned as Amouranth delivers ‘shattered’ verdict

published: 2023-01-01T16:52:29

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Twitch streamer Suncracker0 supported Amouranth’s “crush or pass” vote and reacted to her sentencing during his live stream.

Amouranth is one of them Biggest names on Twitch And it has a huge influence on the live broadcast platform.She’s been on top of the livestreaming trend and even further Invest $2 million She put her own money into Amazon, which owns Twitch.

Plus, she’s found ways to engage with the community on a level that many of the biggest streamers on the platform don’t. She often conducts “shred or go” polls, where viewers brave enough to post pictures of themselves can rate whether she’s smashed or not.

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Obviously, it’s all a lot of fun, but for viewers who are willing to vote, their nerves are understandable.twitch streamer Suncracker0 Was reacting to her crushing or passing votes on live and was amazed by her responses.

Twitch Streamer Surprised by Amouranth’s ‘Crush or Pass’ Vote

Amouranth has made it clear that her smash or pass stream sections are nothing serious and just for fun, but people who submit photos for voting are still targeting smash ratings.

Suncracker0 submitted a photo of him wearing a Danny Devito T-shirt with the classic “I Can Smell You” Morgan Freeman meme in the background.

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Judging by his reaction to her sentencing, it’s safe to say he wasn’t expecting a smash hit in the first place. But Amouranth surprise him.

She laughed at the absurdity of the banner behind him, saying, “Who’s going to take a picture in front of that?” At this point, it’s hard to tell whether Suncracker’s surprise was good or bad. But things will soon turn in his favor.

“This dude is hilarious. Oh fuck. Dude, smash just because you made me laugh. Honestly, make me laugh? That’s far more reliable than anyone who ever made me orgasm. Thank you, my friend.”

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Since we can hear the clip of Amouranth playing and typing fast again on his stream, the anchor is clearly ready to send the clip to his friends and social media, even if he isn’t ready for her crushing verdict .

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