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Twitter user goes viral after accidentally showering 37 times a year

Twitter user goes viral after accidentally showering 37 times a year

published: 2023-01-01T20:50:20

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One Twitter user thought it would be an interesting idea to track everything she’s up to in 2022 by documenting some of her adventures. However, when she shared the results of her log, Twitter users were mortified to discover that she had only showered 37 times throughout the year.

2022 will be the year that breaks the monotony for many. People around the world have been stuck indoors for years, making 2022 the year for many to get out and take risks, try new things and enjoy life to the best of their ability.

So some people start new hobbies.one Twitter The user decides to document everything she does for the year so she can look back at it at the end of the year.

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After posting her results to Twitter, users checked out her stats and were shocked by some of them. But what’s most striking is that she only took 37 showers throughout the year.

Twitter user defends taking 37 showers a year

The stats posted by Twitter user Aella_Girl start out normal, but may be giving people too much information. These stats are arranged by the activities she does most often.

She dances, writes, drinks, works, cries, and even plays a little bit of gaming during the year, making it the pretty normal year of ups and downs that most people associate with first glance. An interesting little recap and a cool experiment.

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But then people noticed how much she counted the number of times she takes a bath Bottom year: 37.

The person in the reply is trying to give her a chance here. Maybe she forgot to log some of her showers, or because of the way she kept this list, she showered more than once on any one of those 37 days.

but ella defended her way of life In reply, and it’s pretty clear what she’s been up to all year.

She claims her goal is to “try not to disturb my natural skin microbiome too much. If I shower more often, I seem to smell more!”

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With replies and quoted retweets disproportionately compared to her original tweet (which has more than 3 million views at the time of writing), it’s clear that the entire internet disagrees with her.

To further protect herself, Aella linked to an article About what happens when someone stops showering altogether. She also started a poll where other users can vote on how often they shower. While most people voted “once a day or more” or “once every 2-3 days,” at the time of writing, “once every 7 days or more” voted at slightly over 11%.

This isn’t the first time Aella has had such a conversation, either. You can find her full argument in her Twitter thread on the topic from November 2022.

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