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Types of Massage and When to Embrace Them

Types of Massage and When to Indulge

Massage is used mainly to recover from injuries, surgeries, or illnesses, to lose weight, to improve mental well-being, and for many other reasons. In some countries, therapeutic massage is also often talked about: it can be prescribed for back pain and after a stroke.

For the average person, still, the main purpose of a Types of Massage remains to take a break from reality and relax in a cozy atmosphere. Renewing yourself with a fresh and new look with a luxurious massage is possible with Abu Dhabi massage created especially for clients. Armonia Spa blends Western and Eastern traditions in a luxurious union of modern technology and advanced treatments.

Let us tell you when massage is needed and whether it can help fight or prevent disease.

General and local massage

 The former is a Types of Massage of the entire human body, while the latter is a massage of a specific body part, such as the back or legs. The latter is also called regional massage.


Wellness massage

 It is also referred to as therapeutic massage. Many people think it relieves pain or disease. Its physiological effects are limited – we will talk more about this below.

In Europe and the USA, wellness massage is considered to be part of integrative medicine, i.e. combining traditional and alternative approaches to treatment. Otherwise, the integrative approach is called complementary, i.e. complementary to the main therapy. A therapeutic or recovery massage can only be performed by a specialist with a medical degree.

Restorative massage

 It is used in the process of recovery from injuries, surgeries, and severe illnesses. In rehabilitation, massage is also an additional component of treatment, not the main method. This Types of Massage is useful if it does not replace all other methods of rehabilitation.Therapeutic massage is mainly practiced by rehabilitation physicians and, in Western countries, by physical therapists, i.e. professionals without higher medical education.


Massage for body shaping (anti-cellulite or lipomodeling)

It can be manual or apparatus. With this kind of massage, people try to combat perceived body imperfections. There are countless commercial names for it. In reality, it is not possible to lose weight with this Types of Massage  but it is possible to remove swelling.

Anti-cellulite massage is often offered, but no cure or method will get rid of cellulite forever. Especially since its presence is the norm for women. It is also important to know that it is a painful massage and may leave bruises.


Rejuvenating facial massages

This is a pleasant procedure if the master knows the technique of execution. However, the return of youth is a controversial issue. The effect of such massages is achieved because the microcirculation of blood is increased: a pleasant blush appears on the skin, and thanks to the swelling of tissues fine wrinkles can be temporarily smoothed out, and swelling goes away. But soon everything will return to normal.

It is important to know that facial massages should not be painful: the master should not pull the skin hard, since the tissues and muscles of the face are thin and delicate. They should be protected from excessive traumatization, which will only aggravate the aging process.


Psychotherapeutic massage

There is evidence that touching the skin can have a beneficial effect on the psyche and is useful for depression, anxiety, and burnout. Experts believe that massage can be used in mental disorders as an additional method of therapy.

In the case of psychotherapeutic massage, relaxation techniques are used, where there is a lot of stroking and gentle pressure on the person’s tissues. This Types of Massage can also be called relaxation, emotional, and rebozo-massage – there are many names.

The main condition for psychotherapeutic massage to be effective is the absence of pain or unpleasant sensations. Otherwise, it becomes a stress on the body.

Massage as a spiritual practice

Eastern philosophical movements call for meditation and the study of one’s body. “Awareness,” which many people talk about, is a person’s ability to hear themselves, and their sensations, and be able to sort them out. It’s hard to talk about the evidence for the benefits of massage for spiritual growth, but it can likely help you feel your body better and relieve stress.

Types of Massage for spiritual growth can also be found from various gurus and body practitioners who speak the language of “energies” and “chakras” unknown to science. There is no scientific evidence that attending such massages is justified. Nevertheless, the psyche and autonomic nervous system, which are affected by relaxation during massage, are indeed there.

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