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U.S. Executive and Legislative Branch Condemn Khalistan Violence and Ensure Protection World News


Members of the U.S. government, from the National Security Council to the State Department to Congress, the executive branch and the legislative branch, strongly condemned the violence and vandalism of the Khalistan extremists against Indian diplomatic premises and threats to Indian diplomatic missions. personnel.

On 2 June, a fire broke out at the Indian Consulate in San Francisco following an alleged arson attempt by a group of Khalistan militants. (Photo by Press Trust)

The State Department also said it was taking “coordinated action” to protect Indian diplomatic facilities and personnel, despite strong calls from some influential lawmakers for authorities to do more following a second attack on an Indian consulate in less than three months. San Francisco (SF) Done.

In response to HT’s questions about the U.S. response to the attempted arson attack on the San Francisco consulate, repeated incidents of violence, the status of actions taken, and future measures to prevent violence, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lew said the U.S. ” Strongly condemns the “reported acts of vandalism and attempted arson” targeting the San Francisco consulate.

“It is a criminal offense to commit acts of vandalism or violence against diplomatic installations or foreign diplomats in the United States. The department is taking steps, including coordination with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, to protect the Indian ambassador in line with its obligations under the Vienna Convention. safety of embassies and consulates and their staff,” he said in a written response on Thursday.

While State Department spokesman Matthew Miller called the incident a criminal offense earlier this week, Lu’s reference to the Vienna Convention and a clear commitment to coordinate action with security agencies at all levels to protect Indian facilities and personnel further strengthened the condemn.

Separately, in response to a similar question from HT, a spokesman for the powerful National Security Council, which operates at the White House, said: “We take the safety of diplomats residing in the United States very seriously and strongly condemn acts of vandalism or violence against diplomatic personnel. Diplomacy facility or personnel.”

In the early hours of July 2, two violent extremists attempted to set fire to the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, followed by a video that they claimed was in retaliation for Khadeep Singh Nijar, the leader of Kalistan and India’s designated terrorist. Hardeep Singh Nijjar) was killed. Gunned down by unidentified gunmen in Canada in June. This is the second time Kalistan extremists have attacked the consulate in less than three months. On July 8, the Kalistan organization also announced a march to the San Francisco Consulate, with event posters openly threatening Indian Ambassador to the United States Talanjit Singh Sandhu and Indian Consul General in San Francisco Nagendra Prasad TV, Call them “killer” Nijar.

The administration responded on a day of unanimous condemnation from the D.C. legislature.

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The Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-American Issues, co-chaired by Republican Michael Waltz and Democrat Ro Khanna, issued a statement “strongly condemning” the arson and vandalism of the consulate , and “posters circulating on social media with violent remarks” by Indian diplomats, including Ambassador Sandhu”.

“We support every American’s right to free speech and expression, but this is not a license to destroy property or incite violence. Violence against diplomatic installations is a criminal offense and will not be tolerated. We urge the State Department to coordinate with law enforcement , promptly investigate the damage to the Indian Consulate and hold those involved accountable,” Walz and Khanna said.

In another tweet with an image of the poster, Khanna added that he knew Sandhu and respected him. “When I raised human rights issues, he was always civil, considerate and honest. This kind of speech puts diplomats at risk. It is dangerous and has no place in a democracy. Free speech does not mean license to incite violence.”

Other U.S. members of Congress have also denounced Khalistan extremism.

Shri Thanedar, an Indian-American representative from Michigan, said he condemned the attack at the San Francisco consulate “in the strongest possible terms.” “Violence and attempts to instill terror are unacceptable in democracies.”

Georgia Congressman Rich McCormick also said: “The attack on the Indian Consulate in San Francisco is despicable and unacceptable. Americans support our allies and the patriotic Indian-American community.”

Brian Fitzpatrick, a Pennsylvania congressman, former FBI agent and U.S. Attorney, tweeted when he posted a link to a State Department report condemning the violence: “This violence is lawless and unacceptable. Accepted. I strongly condemn the repeated hate attacks against the Indian Consulate and look forward to those involved being held accountable for appropriate legal action.”

New York Congressman Mike Lawler called the attack on the San Francisco consulate “very disturbing and unacceptable.” He said that this was the second such incident in recent months and deserved high attention. He condemned acts of vandalism and “any attempt or threat of violence against foreign diplomats and diplomatic facilities in the country”. He also recalled Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington and said he looked forward to “a sustained, strong partnership with the world’s largest democracy”.

Unlike the situation in Canada, where political leadership was seen as either complicit, sympathetic, or indifferent to Khalistan extremism and actions, in the United States political and national security leadership quickly condemned the violence, And in close contact with Indian officials.

However, India hopes that the condemnation and response from the US authorities will translate into action, arrest the perpetrators of the violence, maintain vigilance on diplomatic facilities and personnel, and take pre-emptive measures to ensure that events such as the July 8 march do not turn into violence. Given past patterns of criminal behavior, we will act violently and against Khalistan extremists who use the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment to incite violence.


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