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UAE: 7 restaurants offer free meals to those in need and holders of visiting visas – News

UAE: 7 restaurants offer free meals to those in need and holders of visiting visas – News

The restaurant mainly serves Arabic, Pakistani, Afghani and Indian cuisines

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release time: Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 6:00 am

Charity is ingrained in UAE culture and society and is not limited to individuals.

Under the UAE’s Billion Meals Initiative, a record 600 million meals were donated last year.

In the UAE, many Asian and Arabic restaurants are offering free meals to needy blue-collar workers and those on visitor visas, especially those from low-income countries.

These restaurants mainly serve Arabic, Pakistani, Afghani and Indian cuisines. Below is a list of restaurants offering free meals:

>> Foul W Hummus: Arabic restaurants offer free food so that no one goes hungry. One can choose from a menu of Foul W Hummus, Falafel, Mutabar, Pine Nut Hummus, Sandwiches, and more.

>> Fata Cavare: This Egyptian restaurant in Abu Hail is also offering free meals to those in need. Restaurant manager Atiya Yousef said the initiative was launched during Ramadan last year when they noticed people who could not afford meals walking into the restaurant.

>> Delicious crepes: Indian restaurants don’t charge blood donors, nor do they charge people who don’t have the money to pay for their meals. Jugal Parekh, managing director of Yummy Dosa, said free meals for blood donors have been on offer so those with blood donation receipts can go to any of the three restaurants in Dubai and Sharjah and enjoy the food without paying anything.

>> Star of Karachi: The restaurant, which serves Pakistani and Indian dishes, has been offering free meals to the poor and foreigners on visit visas who have no money. Shahid Asghar Bangash, owner of Karachi Star, said: “People who are unemployed, people on visitor visas or people whose visas have expired can come to our restaurants in Muweilah and Saja, Sharjah, and we will provide them with free meals” restaurant. This service is for those in need regardless of the country they belong to.

>> New Varitika: Located in Deira, the restaurant is offering free food to anyone who asks for help. “An average of four people a day — and sometimes more — ask for a free meal,” said restaurateur Khair Al Ameen.

>> Keldabal: Al Quoz’s restaurants offer free meals to blue collar workers or anyone in need.

>>Pak Khair Darbar: Located in Deira, Dubai, Pak Khair Darbar serves Pakistani and Indian cuisine. It also provides free food to those who ask.

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