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UAE: Abu Dhabi Police, Ma’an launch program to help youth reintegrate into society – News


The initiative aims to rehabilitate and educate them, equipping young people with a range of transferable skills

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published: Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at 4:18 pm

The Ma’an Social Contribution Authority signed an agreement with the Abu Dhabi Police today to launch a partnership program aimed at creating a more consistent lifestyle for teenagers and promoting their reintegration into society.

Ma’an’s overall aim is to create a collaborative and cohesive community through initiatives to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to Abu Dhabi’s social priorities, which include engaging partners from the private and public sectors to support a thriving three sectors. Designed to positively impact teens and facilitate a journey of discovery that encourages new interests, the latest initiative will intervene in the system and have long-term effects on participants.

The scheme will be implemented under Ma’an’s Social Contracting Programme, an innovative, internationally recognized financial instrument that supports high-impact social programmes. Run by MAKE, the program includes a number of educational and creative instruction sessions that teach technical skills and various crafts.

Mohamed Al Mashgouni, Acting Executive Director, Social Incubation and Contracting, Ma’an Social Contribution Authority, said: “Ma’an Social Contribution Authority is working with its strategic partners to foster a culture of social contract.

This will help to assess the achievements and goals of the projects implemented and establish clear methods to measure their impact.By doing this, we can go beyond [a] A short-term, achievement-based approach and embrace a more sustainable, longer-term vision for social innovation.

This approach will allow us to identify unconventional but efficient, flexible and effective solutions to various challenges. Partnerships are at the heart of Maan to achieve real social impact. We are delighted to launch this program with MAKE in partnership with Abu Dhabi Police.

Youth rehabilitation and education are important not only to reduce reoffending but also to increase social impact by reintegrating young people into society with a range of transferable skills.

Brigadier General Ahmed Masoud Al Mazrouei, Director, Police Follow-up Department, Community Security Sector, highlighted Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to working with strategic partners on various projects and initiatives aimed at supporting youth development. “Our aim is to empower young people to take responsibility for the future of the UAE, enhance security, exchange expertise and share experiences,” he said.

He also highlighted his department’s commitment to strengthening crime prevention through awareness campaigns, educational programs and working together to activate the foundations of safety and social awareness.

“By doing this, we aim to have a positive impact on young people and children, allowing them to reintegrate effectively into society and provide them with ongoing support and upgrading services to meet their changing needs. We prioritize the Humanitarian aspects, ensuring we adhere to the highest international standards to improve the success of adolescent rehabilitation,” he added.

Finally, he emphasized the success of the “Hand in Hand” project through cooperation with strategic partners. “The initiative is focused on developing the skills and talents of youth and young adults through partnerships with community agencies and government agencies. We also reach out to rehabilitated youth and guide them to employment that matches their qualifications and skills Chance.


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