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UAE astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi’s space highlights: Missed on Earth

Despite the challenges, UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi expressed that he’ll miss microgravity as he prepares to return to Earth. When asked by Khaleej Times on Friday, Al Neyadi shared how he had grown accustomed to floating around. He added that looking down on Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) would be another aspect he’ll miss dearly.UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi has date with 'Destiny' for life support on International Space Station | Science – Gulf News

Al Neyadi addressed a select media gathering, engaging with eight media houses in the UAE. He shared his initial struggle with adapting to microgravity at the beginning of the mission, recalling how he spent considerable time chasing after floating objects. “Anything is susceptible to floating away here,” he remarked.

With just under a month left before his return, he emphasized taking it day by day, concentrating on ongoing experiments, maintenance, and daily duties in space.

Al Neyadi spoke about their plans for the remaining weeks in space, focusing on their daily duties to prepare for their return home. He expressed missing his family the most and carried his children’s toys as a reminder of home, planning to gift them back upon landing.

Given the opportunity, he would gladly extend his stay in space, as there is much more he would like to accomplish. During an emotional surprise event at the Louvre, he was greeted by his father, leaving him touched and grateful.

Upon returning to Earth, Almeida’s first desires include enjoying freshly cooked food, a cup of coffee, and the comfort of a bed. However, he acknowledged the need for time to adapt back to Earth’s gravity, and it might take a few weeks for him to acclimate fully.

The Crew 6 team, including Al Neyadi, will return to Earth once Crew 7 begins their mission, with an expected arrival in the UAE before the end of September.

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