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UAE business: Achieving net-zero emissions is a priority: UAE minister


Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, UAE Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, said achieving net zero emissions has become a collective and urgent priority and can only be achieved by decarbonizing carbon-intensive industries.

“Electric vehicles will be at the heart of our transition to green mobility. The electric vehicle market is promising and offers unique investment opportunities. We invite forward-thinking businesses to take advantage of these opportunities. Investing in the electric vehicle industry makes perfect environmental and economic sense,” he said Speaking at the opening ceremony of the second Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS2023) at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (Adnec).

He added: “The UAE has seen significant growth in the electric vehicle market, driven by several initiatives put in place by the UAE government to encourage people to switch to electric vehicles. We continue to offer incentives to make electric vehicles more attractive to consumers. attractiveness, and improve the quality of our roads to ensure they can accommodate the increase in the number of electric vehicles.In order to realize the full potential of electric vehicles, we are deploying a network of public and private charging stations across the country, equipped with the latest innovations to shorten charging time. These sites follow national guidelines that unify norms across the emirate and align them with world-class standards.”

Increased share of electric vehicles

The minister noted that in line with the UAE’s commitment to become climate neutral by 2050, the government aims to increase the share of electric vehicles on the country’s roads by 2050. He called on EVIS participants to work together to ensure the transport sector is on track to become low carbon and sustainable.

The summit spans three days and includes extensive exhibits throughout the event. The exhibit space has been expanded to accommodate more than 100 products on display, including vehicles and EV service providers.

In addition, EVIS2023 includes a two-day conference that attracts a lot of attention with more than 100 speakers and more than 50 sessions covering a wide range of topics related to the current and future field of e-mobility.

The summit aims to promote a shift from reliance on fossil fuels to electric vehicles, thereby freeing the planet from the environmental impact of carbon dioxide and other emissions. According to Statista, transportation accounts for 17 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, second only to the electricity sector. The global auto industry is under pressure to embrace electric vehicles.

global interest

Organized by Abu Dhabi-based Nirvana Holding, the summit succeeded in attracting global interest in the MENA region, a promising market with significant growth and business opportunities in the coming years. The exhibition attracted global household brands such as Geely, Kaiwei, Tesla, BYD, and polyester. More than 50 electric vehicles from around the world were on display at the show. The event also attracts global EV service providers such as charging infrastructure, dealers and more.

“We want this summit to be a gathering place where industry experts, investment firms, research centers, government policy makers and entrepreneurs can meet and discuss the challenges facing the transition from environmentally friendly transportation to electrification. The exhibition is an opportunity for industry leaders to showcase their A platform for the latest vehicles, services and innovations,” said Event Director Eng Naser.

The two-day summit will bring together delegates, experts and mobile industry representatives from dozens of countries to discuss the current situation as well as future challenges and opportunities. It will include more than 75 sessions, including keynotes, presentations and panel discussions, covering the complete value chain of the electric vehicle industry. For attendees, it will be an invaluable networking opportunity to share ideas and insights and strike business deals.

The first day of the summit attracted thousands of attendees and visitors, either to attend the summit or simply to learn about the latest developments in the industry. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to test drive the latest EV models on the market in an outdoor EV test drive. This allows them to gain first-hand experience with these cutting-edge vehicles.

Science and Technology Park

A notable new addition this year is the Technology Park, an innovation center showcasing the latest advances in electric vehicles. This dedicated area will focus on cutting-edge electric vehicle technologies developed by universities and technology incubators, shaping the future of the industry. As part of our commitment to fostering innovation, the event is proud to present the Student Innovation Award, a prestigious honor exclusively for senior engineering students. The award aims to recognize their outstanding contributions to the industry and develop the next generation of talent in the field.

EVIS2023 will run until May 31 and is expected to attract thousands of visitors eager to explore the enormous possibilities of this new sustainable mode of transport. —— trade arab news agency


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