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UAE, China, US celebrate Pakistan Day


UAE is celebrating Pakistan Day.radio pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan embassy in Abu Dhabi hosts an elegant flag-raising ceremony to celebrate pakistan day, a large number of Pakistani community members residing in the UAE attended the meeting. China and the United States also marked this auspicious day.

Messages from the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan were read out during the ceremony, and students of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School took to the national stage with national songs, Emirates News Agency Wam reported.

In his speech, Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi stressed the importance of National Day, urging pakistan community Contribute to nation building and nation building. He asked the Pakistani community to promote tourism and investment opportunities in Pakistan to UAE nationals and residents, showcasing the rich cultural diversity, natural beauty, delicious cuisine and the hospitality of the people.

The Ambassador expressed his satisfaction at the upward trajectory of Pakistan-UAE relations and thanked the UAE government and its leadership for being a staunch friend of Pakistan Pakistan.

He highlighted the deep historical relationship between the two countries, the foundation of which was laid by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE.

In conclusion, the ambassador urged Pakistani students to excel in their academic and extra-curricular activities and make Pakistan proud and strong.

China commemorates Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day was celebrated with national spirit and enthusiasm at the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing.

pakistan day commemorates death lahore resolution On March 23, 1940, the All India Muslim League demanded an independent homeland for Muslims in the British Indian Empire.

The ceremony begins with the recitation of verses from the Qur’an. Pakistani Ambassador to China Haque raised the national flag to the top of the mast amidst the inspiring national anthem.

The meeting read out messages from Dr. Arif Alvi, who presided over the meeting, and Prime Minister Sheikh Baz Sharif.

In his speech, Ambassador Haque paid tribute to the tireless struggle of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other founding fathers of the country.

He said that 83 years ago, the founding father, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, raised the demand for an independent Muslim state in the subcontinent. With the support of millions of Muslims in the subcontinent, the dream of independence became a reality on August 14, 1947.

Ambassador Haque said that Pakistan and China are all-weather friends and strategic cooperative partners. In the future, under the leadership of their respective leaders, the two countries will push their friendship to a higher level.

He thanked the Chinese government and people for their unprecedented help during last year’s catastrophic floods. Pakistan.

The ambassador reiterated Pakistan’s principled position on the Kashmir issue and said Pakistan would continue to provide moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiris in their quest for the right to self-determination granted by UN Security Council resolutions.

Ambassador Haque said that today, Pakistan is the fifth largest country with 220 million proud, hardworking and talented people.

“Our armed forces and other security agencies and people have made unparalleled sacrifices to protect the country and fight extremism and terrorism,” he added.

He also thanked members of the Pakistani community living across China for their contributions and for representing Pakistan while away from their homes and families.

The ceremony was attended by senior Chinese officials, businessmen, teachers, students, media personalities and Pakistani community figures.

Pakistani Mark Pakistan Great Indo-American

In a simple ceremony to mark the 83rd Pakistan Day, the national flag was unfurled at Pakistan House, where the Pakistani Mission to the United Nations and the Consulate General in New York are located.

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Qur’an and the national anthem was played as Pakistani Ambassador Munir Akram raised the green crescent and star.

Consul General Aisha Ali then read a message from President Arif Alvi, and Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Aamir Khan read a message from Prime Minister Sheikh Baz Sharif.

Jibran Durrani of the Pakistani Mission presided over the ceremony, which was attended by members of the mission and the Consul General.

In his speech, Ambassador Akram emphasized the importance of the Lahore Resolution which led to the establishment of Pakistan. He paid tribute to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the sacrifices made by Muslims in the subcontinent for the freedom movement.

“On Pakistan Day, we cannot forget the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said. “As we witness the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Kashmir living under Indian occupation, when we see officially sanctioned discrimination and violence against 200 million Indian Muslims, we cannot fail to express our gratitude, and that of our children and Their gratitude children, for the freedom that we – Pakistanis – enjoy in our sovereign and independent country.”

Ambassador Akram expressed his appreciation for the work done by the Pakistani delegation and the officials of the Consulate General in New York, saying: “I would like to humbly say that we have established performance standards, which is commendable for Pakistan, and I thank you All of you and the hard work you all put in every day.”

He said Pakistan enjoys great respect at the UN for its active role in all forums.


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