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UAE COP chair needs to get out of ‘listening mode’ and act: Bonn Observer | News | Eco-enterprise


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) COP28 presidency failed to set expectations and prepare for the climate action that governments must agree on before a summit in Dubai later this year, observers said at the end of intersessional talks in Bonn, Germany.

“We’re calling on the president to step in, share the vision, share some of the goals, try to build some of these bridges between the countries to identify landing zones and possible compromises on major austerity issues like loss and damage and mitigation work programs,” the headquartered Alden Meyer, senior associate at London-based think tank E3G, told a media briefing at the end of the two-week intersessional meeting on Thursday. “It’s time to move from listening mode to action mode.”

Dr Sultan al-Jaber, the UAE-appointed chair of COP28 and head of state oil company ADNOC, said in a statement statement During the first week of the Bonn meeting, he said a gradual reduction in fossil fuels was “inevitable”, stronger language than he had used before.

He also took part in a session on youth perspectives on the global stocktake, or process of measuring the world’s progress towards the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, during the first week of talks. Still, al-Jaber needs to provide “a clearer vision and political path that captures the attention of leaders in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome in Dubai,” Meyer said.

Meyer said it was not too late for Jaber to provide more information on what he wanted from the COP, as he still had several meetings with world leaders ahead of the Dubai meeting, including a meeting on climate with the United Nations in September. ), the Ambition Summit hosted by Secretary-General António Guterres, and the pre-COP ministerial meeting hosted by the UAE in late October, among others.

We call on the President to step in, share a vision, share some goals, try to build some of these bridges between countries to identify landing zones and possible compromises on big austerity issues like loss and damage…

Alden Meyer, Senior Associate, E3G

Even if al-Jaber is able to present a more ambitious plan to tackle the worsening climate crisis before the summit in late November, his words will mean nothing without concrete action, said deputy executive director John Leo Algo. Living Laudato Si Philippines, an environmental advocacy organization affiliated with the Catholic Church.

“We’ve heard these promises from the COP president before al-Jaber, and we’re likely to hear them in successful negotiations. Concrete commitments and actions,” Algo said.

this COP26 The Glasgow president proposed the first UN treaty to recognize the need for action on a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, when it called on countries to “[accelerate] Efforts to phase down unabated coal power and phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies”.

exist COP27The Egyptian leader was able to reiterate the COP26 decision but failed to expand it to include oil and gas.

The gap between rich and poor is growing

Greta SB58

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg took part in a protest on June 12 during a pre-COP meeting in Bonn, Germany, calling on banks to stop funding new fossil projects in the same city. image: United Nations Climate Change, CC BY-SA 3.0pass Flickr

The midterm meeting in Bonn failed to bridge the divide between wealthy countries that want to focus on reducing emissions and developing countries that want to address a lack of international funding to help them adopt clean energy.

“What we saw in Bonn was a growing divide between developed and developing countries – so severe that they couldn’t even agree on an agenda a day before the end of the two-week summit, said Argo, sitting on the sidelines of the negotiations.

“We should not forget that developed countries, as enshrined in the Paris Agreement, have committed to provide developing countries with the financing and support they need. Instead, they are finding new ways to avoid meeting their responsibilities and adequately reduce emissions.”

What we saw in Bonn was a widening divide between developed and developing nations — a divide so severe that they couldn’t even agree on an agenda a day before the two-week summit ended.

John Leo Algo, Deputy Executive Director, Programs and Events, Living Laudato Si Philippines

At the end of last year’s climate summit, delegates agreed to create a Loss and Damage Fund Helping countries most affected by rising temperatures manage climate hazards.

Details on how it will work and where it will be funded have been put together by a committee Ahead of the Dubai climate summit.

Developing countries have been waiting for $100 billion a year since 2020 to help them switch to clean energy and adapt to global warming — ensure Rich countries say they will eventually meet this year.

Rich countries lag far behind, with only if Two-thirds of the $83 billion spent in 2020 will go to climate change mitigation, and more than 70 percent of public finances will be provided in the form of loans.

Algo noted that this delay and the way it was funded resulted in a lack of the trust needed for effective political negotiations.


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