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UAE: Expat gets Dh11,000 for losing over 36kg in just 2 months – News


In the same group, the Indian and Pakistani nationals lost 34.5 and 33.9kg and received Dh7,000 and Dh3,400 respectively

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published: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 2:22 pm

A Tanzanian national who lost 36.5kg in two months has not only won the top spot in 2023’s RAK Biggest Weight Loss Challenge, he has also bagged an AED11,000 cash prize.

Thani Mohamed Alghafry, 42, took first place in the male body category at RAK Hospital’s annual eight-week initiative that began on January 20. In the same category, Indian expatriate Masood Rasheed and Pakistani national Muhammad Antash Ali finished second and third, losing 34.5kg and 33.9kg respectively. They received Dh7,000 and Dh3,400 in cash at Wednesday’s awards ceremony.

The third national campaign was organized jointly with the Ras Al Khaimah Ministry of Health and Prevention. It is divided into physical, virtual and enterprise categories. According to RAK Hospital, of the more than 10,000 participants from across the UAE, 45 percent came from Ras Al Khaimah, while Dubai accounted for 25 percent, Sharjah 13 percent, Abu Dhabi 12 percent and other emirates 5 percent. % .

What did they get?

All the winners lost a combined weight of over 500kg over the course of the 8-week competition. In addition to now enjoying a healthier lifestyle, the top 3 winners in both the male and female body categories received cash prizes, while the virtual category male and female and weight loss hero percentage winners received 5-star accommodation, gym membership qualifications, Swiss executive health vouchers and other attractive prizes.

Sharjah resident and Egyptian national Noha Metwally Ali Allam, 39, topped the female body category, winning Dh7,500 after losing 24.7kg. The second and third places went to Indian national Jisheena Palakka and Syrian national Seham Abdulrahman Al-Daher Al-Dairi, who were awarded Dh3,600 and Dh1,700 for losing 18.3kg and 17.4kg respectively.

Hilton Beach Resort won the Corporate Champion Trophy with a team weight loss of 64 kg.

Dr. Raza Siddiqui, Executive Director of RAK Hospital, said: “Obesity is the biggest epidemic of our time and a risk factor for a wide range of chronic and fatal diseases. We believe that supporting people, understanding the consequences and motivating them on a healthier Building healthy communities and a healthy nation is our greatest responsibility.

“Being a catalyst for change and helping society on its journey of change is very fulfilling and I am delighted that we at RAK Hospital are able to do this.

While only a few achieve the top job, to me everyone who starts their weight loss journey is a winner. This is just the beginning of making you smarter and healthier,” he added.

Full Winners List: RAK Biggest Weight Loss Challenge 2023

1. Thani Mohamed Alghafry, weight loss – 36.5kg

2. Masood Rasheed, weight loss – 34.5kg

3. Muhammad Antash Ali – Weight loss – 33.9 kg

Body Type (Female)

1. Noha Metwally Ali Allam, weight loss – 24.7 kg

2. Jilsheena Palakka, weight loss – 18.3kg

3. Seham Abdulrahman Al-Daher Al Dairi lost 17.4kg

1. Afsar Ali, weight loss – 15.8 kg

2. Jabir Kalodi, weight loss – 12.1 kg

3. Marwan Abdul Samad Muhammad Shah, weight loss – 11kg

Virtual Category (Female)

1. Katherine Germo, weight loss – 12kg

2. Matheen Fathima, weight loss – 10.1kg

3. Sravana, weight loss – 7.1 kg

Winners (percentage of weight loss category)

1. Men – Artur Peredyryev, Weight Loss Percentage – 24%

2. Female – Herba Aisha, weight loss rate – 19.22%

Winners (top 10 dieters who lost more than 20kg)

2. Norman Khan Sultan Nimulk

6. Murtuza Abbasbhai Harianawalla

7. Omar Saeed Ahmed Saqr Zabi

8. Haytham Elsafi Mohammad Elkadi

10. Vipindas Kunnathully Mohandas

Corporate Team Winner: Hilton Beach Resort


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