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UAE: Experts discuss effective investment tools for pensions, social security – News


GCC experts highlight partnerships and asset allocation for sustainable pension fund growth

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published: Monday, June 5, 2023 at 7:35 pm

Senior investment and pension experts from the GCC region highlighted the role of partnerships, expertise exchange, asset allocation and other tools in promoting the financial prosperity of pension funds and achieving sustainable social and economic development in the Gulf countries.

Organized by the General Pensions and Social Security Authority (GPSSA), the 15th Annual GCC Citizens Retirement and Social Security Authorities Seminar brought together leading experts from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE.

GPSSA Director General Faras Al Ramahi noted that the two-day workshop is part of a joint collaboration between pension and social insurance authorities in the GCC region to discuss effective investment vehicles for pensions and social security.

Al Ramahi explained that the investment sector in the GCC region has experienced many years of experience and challenges, which require joint collaboration and exchange of experience and expertise to support the acceleration of pensions and social security while improving the overall performance of the authorities to enable investment Increased return and strategic vision.

Muhannad bin Aqel Al Bahli, Research Specialist at the General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) in Saudi Arabia, emphasized the importance of assessing investment risks of pension funds through continuous assessment and monitoring of global events and conditions that may affect investment operations and assets, emphasizing diversification and asset Allocations or transfers to other investments, such as equities or fixed income bonds, alternative investments in infrastructure and credit markets, with the aim of avoiding high risk, should be measured using reference indicators based on best practice.

Abdulla Al Ghafli, Investment Manager at GPSSA’s Investment Division, explained the methodology behind managing assets and receivables and asset allocation, which can only be done by using investment strategies that strike a balance between risk and return, and dividing portfolio assets according to the authority. Ability to take future risks.

Al Ghafli added that diversification of investments leads to risk reduction, determining expected investment returns, while emphasizing differences in investment approaches and factors influencing their choice, based on systematic experiments employed by GCC state pension funds.

Babar Khan, Chief Investment Officer, GPSSA Investments, discusses strategies for allocating assets in pension portfolios and the benefits included in the authority’s asset allocation process, and highlights the existence of a long-term investment alternative – regular pension fund obligations. He talked about the role of governance in protecting liquid and illiquid assets.

Bader Al Kandari, Chief Investment Officer, Liquidity Department, Kuwait Social Security Public Institution, pointed out that the design strategy of asset allocation in the Kuwait pension portfolio, the governance procedures followed during the transition period, and the most important fundamental pillars supporting the investment process, such as choosing a company in terms of asset allocation Well-known international consulting firm with proven track record and experience.

Bader Qassem Bualley, Director of Investments, Bahrain Social Insurance Organization, highlighted the importance of asset allocation and governance in risk management of investment funds, emphasizing investment principles and their importance in leading the investment performance of entities.

Mubarak bin Juma Al Habsi, Head of the Settlement and Follow-Up Department of the Public Authority for Social Insurance of Oman, highlighted the role of investment funds in managing pension resources and supporting investment opportunities in global markets, as well as reviewing investment documents before investing operations. Each institution has a Permanent financial advisor, emphasizing the need to diversify relevant forms as needed within a portfolio.


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