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UAE facilities management sector likely to grow 10% next year

UAE facilities management sector likely to grow 10% next year

According to an industry expert, the facilities management (FM) industry in the UAE is expected to grow by 10% by 2023, as trends shift in favor of differentiated services, leading to clear outcomes such as energy and cost savings and fewer tenants/occupants drain.

“By 2023, the FM industry will increasingly be prefixed with the word ‘integrated’ as stakeholders look to bridge silos between people, technology and systems in facilities. It will lead to the adoption of computer-aided facility management (CaFM) and IoT-led standardization [Internet of Things] operate. The resulting impact on tenant experience, energy efficiency/management, sustainability targets and cost savings will attract supportive policies and incentives from the government,” said Sangeetha B, CEO, Amantra FM.

Sangeetha’s point about the industry’s widespread adoption of technology has been backed up by some signs this year. FM operators and owners are always looking for IoT and CaFM solutions market. This increase in demand is in turn forcing service providers to change their value proposition. These developments benefit service providers such as Amantra.

“Differentiated services as well as niche marketing are increasingly outperforming mass marketing FM models. While the pandemic is one reason for this shift, there are also structural trends such as digital transformation.” Owner and FM Operator Lean towards service providers, who may not have broad solutions but are showing clear positive results in their niche offerings,” Sangeetha said. Technology adoption in the sector will be aligned with national priorities, according to Amantra FM, which has been expressing its commitment to the UAE Vision 2025.

With greater efficiency, lower labor requirements and lower costs, robot-powered cleaning is one of the niche products sought by homeowners in the UAE. Sangeetha added that hard services related to (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) HVAC systems are being prioritized by building owners, who are more aware of indoor air quality (IAQ) standards in the wake of the pandemic. These developments complement frameworks such as the Abu Dhabi Security Planning Manual (SSPM) and larger priorities such as the UAE Vision 2025.

“In short, you could call the current period in the industry the ‘Great Re-Engagement’. This juncture requires FM firms to re-engage clients, align with their changing expectations, and align their budgets with the larger goals such as sustainability. At the same time, there is an urgent need to re-engage employees, inspire their personal aspirations, ensure their health and well-being, and create a sense of community in the workplace. At Amantra FM, we have developed an open Policy and skills enhancement programs. We intend to build on these strengths in 2023, while supporting energy efficiency and sustainability efforts at facilities through strategic partnerships and collaborations,” concluded Sangeetha.

About Amantra FM

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Dubai, Amantra Facilities Management is a niche company focusing on non-core hard and soft services. The company is currently forming strategic partnerships and working with technology solution providers specializing in energy conservation, management and sustainable development.

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