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UAE introduces flexible work permits for freelancers

DUBAI: The UAE will introduce a new flexible work permit that will allow employees of all skills to work freely, Human Resources and Emiratisation Minister Abdul Rahman bin Abdulmanan Al Awar said on Wednesday.

He was speaking to Gulf News on the sidelines of a new forum called “Remote”, which aims to activate the national agenda on remote work, remote education and telemedicine.

“We’re working hard to introduce a new freelancer policy that applies to all skill levels,” Al Awar said.

“It’s not just for those with high skills, even [those with] Low-skilled groups can have flexible work permits. They can work for themselves or with others as long as they are covered by the law and they are properly registered with the department. “

“I hope to have this done by the end of the third quarter of this year,” he added.

Al Awar clarified that the new freelance work model aimed at strengthening the country’s workforce will be in addition to all the reforms recently announced and implemented in the country.

“This will further support flexible working and remote working.”

what is the difference?

Currently, employees in the private sector are required to sign a contract with an employer or multiple employers based on the job requirements of their respective companies.

“Now with the new policy that we’re considering, you work for yourself. It’s a temporary job and you can always decide to do it in a situation that’s acceptable to you, provided it’s under the protection of the law,” the minister explained.

He noted that this flexible remote working model will benefit both employers and employees.

“Employers and companies will feel it’s more economical for them because they don’t have to take as many risks [in terms of investment]. They will rely on your skills. They will decide if they want to stay with you and will only call you when needed.

“And vice versa, employees don’t need to be restricted to one organization or one type of job. They can have multiple jobs… So, in my opinion, this will increase the productivity of our labor market. Therefore, we decided to continue using This pattern.”

more talent, productivity

Such freelancers can work virtually anywhere in the world, he said.

Al Awar noted that the labor reforms introduced in recent years are aimed at attracting more talent to the UAE and “ensuring that the business community derives more value from their talent and maximizes productivity”.

At the forum, Al Awar spoke on ‘Remote Work Applications in Executive Innovation: Agile Adaptation of the UAE Labor Market to the Changing Technology Landscape’.

He emphasized that the success of the UAE’s labor market, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, proves that the country has an integrated structure that can attract talent and expertise and adopt a new work culture by seizing new opportunities and technological advancements.

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