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UAE: iPhone users with older models will not be able to use Apple’s new iOS 17 – News


The tech giant unveils a new operating system with new security features and improvements to Siri

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published: Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 8:58 am

Last updated: Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 9:13 am

iPhone users around the world, including the UAE, need to check the model number of their phones before updating to the new iOS 17.

Tech giant Apple unveiled the long-awaited software at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 on Monday.

According to The Verge, highlights include new security features, a built-in Diary app, a new Nightstand mode, redesigned business cards, better autocorrect and voice transcription, and real-time voicemail. You’ll be able to remove “Hey” from “Hey Siri.”

Unfortunately for iPhone owners with older models, the tech giant has decided to ditch the software for phones released before 2018, according to media reports. These include the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Your address book is being updated with a new feature called Posters, which turns business cards into flashy marquee-style images that appear full-screen on the recipient when you call them on the person’s iPhone. They use a similar design language as the redesigned lock screen, with bold typography options and the ability to add Memoji, and will work with third-party VoIP apps. There’s also a new live transcription feature for voicemails, which lets you view a transcription of messages left by callers in real time. You can choose to ride through or answer the call, and it’s all handled on-device. According to The Verge, you can also leave messages on FaceTime.

The ability to filter searches using additional terms, the ability to jump to the latest news so you can catch up more easily, voice message transcription (similar to what was introduced with the Pixel 7 series), and a bunch of new features called check-ins are in line with other People share your real-time location and status with some updates on the news. It can automatically notify friends when you come home. It can also communicate your phone’s battery and cell service status to prevent misunderstanding if you’re in a blind spot.

iOS 17 also includes keyboard updates, including enhancements to autocorrect. It now relies on a new language model to improve accuracy and, if necessary, provide easier shortcuts to restore the original words you wrote. There are now online predictive typing and sentence-level autocorrection features that correct even more grammatical mistakes. It’ll eventually learn your favorite swear words, too; Apple’s Craig Federighi even made a “dodge” joke on stage. Dictation also uses a new AI model that is more accurate, The Verge reports.

Journal is a brand new app that intelligently suggests events you might want to include in your journal entries. You can add events, music, and images to your entries, and you can set recurring reminders to start writing. For further privacy, it’s end-to-end encrypted.

A new charging mode called StandBy turns the screen into a status display with date and time. When your phone is in landscape charging mode, it turns on instantly and may display information such as real-time activity, widgets, and the Smart Stack.

Finally, Siri got a boost too, and finally, it’s time to drop the “hey” in “Hey Siri.” It will also recognize back-to-back commands, The Verge reports.

This version of iOS gets meaningful updates in iOS 16, which include a lock screen overhaul, useful iMessage features like editing and unsending, and time-sensitive real-time events appearing in Dynamic Islands. It’s an update designed to help you do more with your phone while investing less in apps for simple tasks.


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