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UAE, Kenya to collaborate on climate change at Africa Climate Summit, COP28


The United Arab Emirates and Kenya have highlighted the importance of closer cooperation during the upcoming Africa Climate Summit and the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28).

The two countries believe that these events present an opportunity for the international community to agree on a future path focused on practically addressing climate change.

In a joint statement issued today, Kenyan President William Ruto and Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and COP28 Chair-designate Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber called for continued action on climate change.

The two leaders said climate change was one of the greatest challenges facing the world today and that “continued efforts” were needed to achieve the “highest aspirations” of the African climate summit in Nairobi and COP28.

“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. The Africa Climate Summit and COP28 will be important milestones in a global year of stocktaking, bringing the international community together and providing a solution-oriented path forward,” the statement read.

“us [President Ruto and COP28 President-Designate Dr. Sultan Al Jaber] Determined to work together to ensure that COP28 and the Africa Climate Summit will deliver real and tangible results for the climate and for the people of Africa and the world. “

President Ruto commended the UAE, its leadership and the COP28 presidency for their longstanding support for sustainable development and climate action. He also affirmed his support for the COP28 leadership team and welcomed Dr. Sultan Al Jaber as COP28 Chair-Elect, noting that given his credentials as a leader in energy transition and renewable energy scaling, he will bring world of expertise. “Together we will work to achieve the highest possible goals on each of the climate pillars at COP28,” he added.

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, President-elect of COP28, emphasized the importance of the Africa Climate Summit as a pivotal moment for Africa and for COP28 to accelerate the energy transition and bring African solutions to COP28 this November, and to President Kenya and Ruto welcomes climate leadership.

“We are delighted to announce that COP28 and Kenya will join forces to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030. This shared goal requires a global effort to accelerate a just energy transition that leaves no one behind .We call on all parties in every region to join this effort and work together to mobilize global action,” he said.

Africa has the potential to lead this transition, with enormous benefits for the region and globally. As well as being one of the most important carbon sinks on Earth, it also has huge untapped hydropower potential along the Congo and Nile rivers, geothermal potential along the Rift Valley, and solar potential across the continent. It is also home to current and next generation climate leaders, entrepreneurs, business and civil society who will help unlock solutions for transformative action. On a continent where almost half the population still lacks electricity, clean energy presents an opportunity to boost economic growth and improve lives and livelihoods.

Realizing this potential will require step-by-step change. Clean energy investment in Africa accounts for just 2 percent of the global total and less than 10 percent of the $120 billion needed annually.

The joint statement read: “We must change the way we deploy public, concessional and philanthropic capital to drive the private investment needed for climate action in Africa. We need to fundamentally rethink the way financiers, governments, global institutions and technology deliver We must all play a collective role, especially in ensuring that climate action impacts and benefits all of society, including women, youth and children, and indigenous peoples.

“To underscore our commitment to results, we [President Ruto and COP28 President-Designate Dr. Sultan Al Jaber] A joint working group was launched today between the Africa Climate Summit and COP28 to focus on a just energy transition and unlocking climate finance to accelerate green growth in Africa ahead of their respective summits.

“In addition to jointly developing a COP28 Energy Transition Plan, Kenya and the COP28 Presidency look forward to working closely together to organize the first Health Day and Climate Health Ministerial, in line with Kenya’s leadership on this issue.
President Ruto commended the new presidency for its comprehensive approach to COP28, which will seek to integrate responses to biodiversity loss and climate change, transform our food systems, address the growing burden of climate on human health, and prevent and address serious and Destabilizing climate impacts, especially in the most vulnerable communities.

“President Ruto and COP28 Chair-designate Dr. Sultan Al Jaber will maintain close coordination at the political level in the coming months to achieve ambitious outcomes at COP28 in Nairobi and Dubai,” the statement concluded.


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