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UAE: Man sued by ex-wife for 11 years of unpaid child support; court proves charges wrong – News

UAE: Man sued by ex-wife for 11 years of unpaid child support; court proves charges wrong – News

After separation, he was ordered to pay Dh4,000 a month in alimony

published: Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 2:00pm

The Fujairah Federal Court has acquitted an Emirati man accused by his ex-wife of failing to provide financial support for his four children for 11 years.

She asked her ex-husband to give her Dh519,000 in unpaid maintenance.

The plaintiff said she had four children with her husband before they separated in 2008.

The woman said the family court granted her custody of her four children and ordered their father to pay her Dh4,000 a month in maintenance. But she said the man stopped paying alimony 11 years ago.

However, the man denied the woman’s claims.

He explained that he gave his ex-wife a bank card that he used to deposit monthly child support payments. The man said he had deposited Dh641,000 during the period when the defendant claimed he had not paid the maintenance and demanded it. The man also produced documents to support his claim.

The court had to dismiss the case after an expert report confirmed that the woman had withdrawn Dh4,000 per month from her ex-husband’s bank account to pay for the children.

The court also said it had been proven Whatsapp texts were exchanged between the woman and one of his children, from which she was understood to have received maintenance.

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