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UAE: Man sues sister over car loan, demands more than Dh300,000 back from her – News

UAE: Man sues sister over car loan, demands more than Dh300,000 back from her – News

The plaintiff bought a car for the defendant, which she said she would pay in monthly installments

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published: Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 8:27 am

A woman has been told to pay Dh328,000 to her brother, who had used the money to buy her a car partially financed by the bank. She was also directed to pay him a further Dh2,000 as damages.

Official court documents said the man had filed a lawsuit against his sister, claiming that she was obliged to pay him Dh328,000 for the purchase of the car and to pay off the bank car loan. The man also sought Dh20,000 in compensation for the moral and material damage he suffered.

The man said in the lawsuit that his sister asked him to buy her a car with financing from the bank. She said she would pay him back in monthly installments.

The plaintiff said he bought a 2021 car for his sister for Dh328,000. He added that he made a down payment of Dh200,000 to the car dealer, while Dh128,000 was provided by his bank. After buying the car, he registered it under his sister’s name.

His sister was supposed to deposit cash into his bank account via monthly installments.

However, the woman did not commit to monthly installments. The man said his sister did not deposit any money with the bank, but instead deducted the loan from his deposit.

The man claimed that her sister was forced to repay in full the monthly installments he made to the bank for car financing, as well as his Dh200,000 down payment for the purchase of the car.

After hearing all parties, the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Cases Court ruled and ordered the woman to pay Dh330,000 to her brother.

She was also told to pay her brother’s legal costs.

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