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UAE Maritime Week Women in Maritime Business Excellence Roundtable


Recognizing the need to further empower female industry professionals and celebrating International Women in Maritime Day; UAE Maritime Week successfully organized the Women in Maritime Business Excellence Roundtable in support of the She of Caliber” initiative. The roundtable, held on Day 2 of this week’s flagship event, Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East (SMLME), features some of the most prominent female maritime professionals who have played key roles in revolutionizing the industry locally, regionally and globally within range.

The roundtable highlighted strategies and initiatives to increase women’s participation in the workforce at all levels of the industry through Remove barriers, promote diversity, and advocate for gender equality in male-dominated fields.The roundtable also clarified Women can make significant contributions to the industry through their unique perspectives and skillshighlighted the challenges they face and highlighted the need for a comprehensive policy framework to improve their representation and professional development in the sector.

Nayana Nandkumar, General Manager, Dubai Shipping Agents Association (DSAA) Said: “The maritime industry must recognize and embrace the significant value that women bring. Over the years, female maritime professionals have proven their expertise in navigating ships, managing ports, leading logistics operations, conducting research and contributing to innovative solutions knowledge. Our diverse perspectives and unique experience add enormous value to the industry, fostering creativity, adaptability and broader thinking. By recognizing and embracing the talents of maritime women, the industry can draw from a vast untapped potential. This is not only a matter of fairness and equality, but also a strategic need for sustainable growth and development of the industry.”

Fostering collaboration and innovation across the industry

Although the round tableSupport a key United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), SDG 5, which focuses on gender equalityThe highlight of the day was the signing six The ministry has entered into an agreement with prominent maritime entities in the region on the “Blue Pass” initiative, which aims to create a more connected and digitally advanced industry.

There will also be an ‘Innovation Incubator’ on the second day, focusing on the innovation needs of the UAE and the global maritime industry. The conference hosted presentations from established and upcoming technology entities, showcasing their groundbreaking solutions for the industry. The event highlighted the importance of adopting new technologies to improve operational and cost efficiencies.

Emma Howell, Director of Portfolio Middle East Development, Informa Markets Maritime & Cruise Said: “Day two of Seatrade’s Middle East Maritime Logistics Conference 2023 demonstrated the importance of diversity and innovation in the maritime industry. The Women of Excellence in Maritime Business Roundtable highlighted the need to increase women’s participation at all levels, while the ‘Innovation’ Incubator” showcased How cutting-edge solutions will shape the future of the industry. As we move forward, we must continue to prioritize diversity and innovation for a more resilient and sustainable marine ecosystem. “


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