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UAE National Servicemen attend three-day career fair in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: A three-day expo in Abu Dhabi is helping UAE National Service cadets, recruits and graduates secure their professional and educational futures after completing their compulsory service.

More than 12,000 visitors are expected to attend the National Service Careers Expo at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center until Wednesday 8 March. The show also welcomes opportunities for graduates looking to upskill themselves, as well as graduates looking for better professional skills.

Major Faisal Al-Shehhi, Joint Supply Commander, UAE Ministry of Defence, will inaugurate the expo, now in its sixth edition. He was accompanied by Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Ambassador-at-Large to the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly of the GCC and Chairman of INDEX Holding, the organizer of the show.

National CapitaLand Expo

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qualified candidates

“Such exhibitions are important as they reflect the UAE’s responsibility and interest in its NS cadets and graduates. They provide an open channel of communication for companies looking for qualified candidates. [I was happy to note that] This year’s show has the highest number of registered visitors so far this year,” said Al Shehhi.

According to Federal Law No. 6 of 2014 on National Military Service and Reserve Forces, all able-bodied Emirati men are required to complete their national service after receiving approval from the National and Reserve Service Committee of the UAE Armed Forces General Command. This service is optional for women, regardless of their education level. Lengths of service range from 11 months to three years, and those who complete service receive a range of benefits, including bursaries, scholarships and employment opportunities.

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“The fair connects service members and participating organizations from the public and private sectors, and provides opportunities for service members and graduates to acquire new skills, participate in the workforce and pursue higher education,” said Al Shehhi.

The National Service Career Fair is held under the auspices of the Department of Defense and represented by the National and Reserve Service Administration.

This year there are more than 50 exhibitors, including 10 universities and 15 major global industries. The show also featured 24 workshops for attendees, including sessions designed to help service members excel in interviews and choose the career path that best suits their aspirations.

Emirates Career Fair

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Emirates Group

The Emirates Group is one of many companies participating in the National Service Careers Expo.

“Emiratization has always been a priority for the Emirates Group. We currently have more than 3,000 Emirati employees at all levels and across departments, including 300 pilots and two Doctors of Aviation Medicine,” said Emirates Group Head of Emiratization and Manal Alsoori, vice president of people experience, told Gulf News.

The airline is continuing its efforts to attract Emirati talent, including high school graduates, individuals with undergraduate degrees and Emiratis who have completed mandatory national service.

“We have a number of campaigns to attract talent who can be trained and employed in a variety of roles including pilots, aircraft engineers, HR executives, IT specialists, and even aviation medicine specialists. Unique and emerging areas such as learning and artificial intelligence develop human capital to help support the company’s growth. In fact, Emirates will also support talent to acquire university degrees so they can excel in the workplace,” Alsoori said.

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