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UAE: Rain, hail forecast for 3 days with storm alert

Some parts of the country are poised for rainfall starting today, as indicated by an official from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). There’s a chance of hail accompanying the downpour.The Meteorological department has issued a weather advisory cautioning residents about potential thunderstorms expected to impact the country until Saturday.

Notable areas projected to experience rain in the upcoming days include Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Fujairah, as reported by a senior NCM official to Khaleej Times.

Dr. Ahmed Habib from the NCM explained, “We’ve identified the formation of convective clouds in the eastern part of the country extending towards Fujairah and Sharjah and between Al Ain and Dubai, where certain areas will receive rain. This could include heavy rainfall and even hail in places like Madinat Zayed (Abu Dhabi).”

During the previous weekend, some UAE residents encountered an abrupt shift in weather from clear summer days to heavy rain accompanied by strong winds.

Locations such as Dubai’s Emirates Road, Al Marmoom, Deira, Al Qudra, and Al Barari experienced adverse weather conditions. Rainfall also reached Al Ain’s Al Hiyar and Al Shiwayb regions.

“With the current season, we typically experience the influence of the Indian monsoon. This effect extends to our areas as well, sometimes strongly and at other times more mildly. However, last weekend, this effect was notably strong. Over the approaching weekend, we anticipate similar weather patterns moving towards the East,” added Habib.

In anticipation of unstable weather, residents are advised to avoid valleys in the coming days, especially today, as heavy rainfall could lead to flooding. “Steer clear of valleys, especially today. People need to exercise caution. We are anticipating rain near the mountains, which could result in floods,” emphasized Habib.

With rainy conditions predicted, the official emphasized the importance of adhering to regulations. In May, the Ministry of Interior introduced stringent rules regarding activities during rainy and inclement weather, imposing fines, black points, and vehicle confiscation for violations.

Driving into valleys during heavy rain can be dangerous due to rapidly rising water levels and strong currents.

As summer temperatures soar, hitting up to 47°C, Abu Dhabi and Dubai could reach a maximum of 43°C. On Tuesday, the country’s highest recorded temperature was 48.6°C in Hamim (Al Dhafra Region) at 2:30 pm.

Thursday morning might witness humidity in specific western coastal areas, leading to the possibility of mist formation. Wind patterns are expected to range from moderate to fresh, occasionally intensifying when convective clouds are present.

These clouds could lead to blowing dust and sand, reducing horizontal visibility. Furthermore, wave heights across the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea are anticipated to be generally light to moderate.

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