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Monday, June 5, 2023

UAE: Resident buys Snapchat account for Dh40,000, sues seller when it shuts down – News

The man explained that he bought the account because it had a large number of followers, which he intended to use to promote his business

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published: Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 8:33 am

An Al Ain resident has sued a man alleging he sold him a Snapchat account for Dh40,000, which was shut down in just two days. He demanded the defendant return his money.

The Arab man said in the lawsuit that the defendant sold him the Snapchat account with a large following because he wanted to use it to promote his business. He said he paid him Dh40,000 and the Snapchat account transfer process was successfully completed.

According to the complainant, however, the Snapchat account was closed after only two days of owning and using it.

The man said he contacted the defendant to find out why the social media account was closed and the man promised him that he would reopen it. Plaintiffs, however, say defendants did nothing.

He noted that he was shocked when he later found out that the defendant had resold the Snapchat account to another individual.

This prompted him to initiate proceedings against the complainant in the civil court of first instance in Al Ain, seeking the return of the money.

The plaintiff also produced three receipts as evidence that he had deposited money into the defendant’s bank account in support of his claim.

The defendants, in turn, denied reselling the Snapchat account to another person in court appearances. His lawyers argued that his client handed over the details of the Snapchat account to the complainant after the transfer process was complete.

The lawyer also said he had obtained evidence that the complainant had in fact sold his Snapchat account to another person for Dh50,000 after using it for two months. The account was later closed by the telco due to the new buyer’s abuse of social media and violation of the company’s terms and conditions, he said.

The lawyer attached a copy of the WhatsApp conversation between the complainant and the new buyer as further evidence.

A technical report from a court-appointed information technology expert showed that the complainant had been using the Snapchat account for more than a month, but there was no clear reason for closing the account.

After hearing all parties, the judge dismissed the case and ordered the plaintiff to pay the defendant’s legal costs.

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