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UAE: Resident loses AED930,000 in lawsuit against company after being fired – News

Woman took her ex-employer to court after noticing her colleagues were getting paid more for the same job

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published: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 9:34 am

A bank employee who claimed Dh932,000 from her former employer after losing her job and failing to get a promotion has had her lawsuit dismissed.

The Abu Dhabi Supreme Court upheld an earlier ruling that dismissed the woman’s lawsuit as she had not followed due process to file the case.

The Arab woman filed a lawsuit in civil court, claiming she suffered material and moral damage from her “arbitrary dismissal and failure to receive any promotion”.

She explained that she joined the bank as a liaison leader and worked for many years but was paid less than her colleagues. She argued that they were all on the same level, doing the same job.

The plaintiff pointed out that she had previously filed a labor lawsuit demanding that her employer grant her due rights. She said she was arbitrarily fired after she filed a lawsuit against the bank. This prompted her to seek compensation for the material and moral damage she has suffered as a result.

Both the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal had earlier rejected the employee’s claim for compensation for failing to follow proper filing procedures.

In his ruling, the Supreme Court judges said that under Federal Act No. 33 of 2021 on Employee/Employer Relations, “If an employer or employee encounters any dispute, they must refer the complaint or matter to the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates will investigate the matter. case and to settle their disputes amicably in such manner as it deems necessary”.

If an amicable settlement fails, the ministry will refer the dispute to the courts. The Supreme Court said the employee failed to follow that process.

The woman will have to pay her employer’s legal fees.

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