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UAE residents can now import personal medicines using electronic permits

Dubai: The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has urged customers to use two online services that allow them to import medicines and medical equipment for personal use after obtaining an electronic permit.

This optional service is available to travelers and residents seeking to import personal medicines and medical equipment into the country. They can choose to obtain prior electronic approval for their imports, or to disclose their medicines and equipment upon arrival at the country’s ports. In the latter case, the customs authorities will coordinate with the department and take the necessary actions based on the existing documentation.

Imported Personal Medicines

To access both services, customers can log on to the MoHAP website or the smart app. They are available under the service category. The client will need to fill in the required data, attach the necessary documents and submit the application electronically if the relevant conditions are met.

According to the ministry’s terms of service, individuals coming to the country are allowed to bring the quantity required for personal use during their stay in the country, as long as it does not exceed six months. However, if they need to carry narcotics or controlled substances, they can only bring enough items for a maximum of three months and must provide all necessary documentation.

Imported medical equipment

The service of importing medical equipment is not only available for medical institutions, but also for local agents who hold a valid medical warehouse license issued by the Ministry of Health. To qualify, local agents must meet the requirements and conditions set by the Ministry.

Imported medical equipment can include a wide range of items such as medical and surgical equipment and spare parts for dentistry, surgical aesthetic medicine, the dental industry, prosthetic components, medical and surgical supplies, materials, supplies, equipment and spare parts for medical and diagnostic purposes Laboratory equipment and its reagents, and equipment for the manufacture and fitting of prosthetic or braced or prosthetic devices for disabled persons. The service also includes imported contact lenses.

Medical Device Import Requirements

To benefit from both services, customers should first visit the ministry’s website or smart app and submit an initial import request before starting the shipment process from the country of origin. Clients are required to pay an application fee at this stage.

If the initial request meets the requirements and conditions, it will be approved for a period of sixty days. During this period, the customer must complete the necessary shipping procedures. Once they have obtained the bill of lading and paid the required fees, they can submit a request for clearance clearance.

Approval will be granted electronically if they meet all necessary requirements and conditions. The permit can then be printed from the electronic system and is valid for sixty days from the date of issue. However, it is important to note that the license requires customs clearance approval from the ministry’s inspectors upon arrival at the country’s ports and before the medical equipment can be sold locally.

first class service

Dr Ruqaya Al Bastaki, head of the Medicines Department at MOHAP, said the authorization of the importation of personal medicines and medical equipment is a crucial step in raising the standard of healthcare services in the country. This move reflects the Department of Health’s commitment to play a regulatory and supervisory role in the health sector, while prioritizing the wellbeing and safety of community members. Additionally, it helps prevent the distribution of counterfeit medicines and unlicensed devices, thereby protecting patients from potential harm. By providing top-notch electronic services, MOHAP strives to improve the overall quality of life of its customers in accordance with international best practices.

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