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UAE residents look back on their best moments from 2022

UAE residents look back on their best moments from 2022

Emirati Aisha Ali Hubais, Head of Customer Happiness, said that one of her most special moments in 2022 will be traveling to Mecca for Umrah with her mother and siblings.

Aisha Ali Hubais

“We traveled in October when things were normalizing in terms of travel. It felt great to be out of the UAE, even for special occasions like Umrah. Every morning I was mesmerized by the beauty of nature and watching the beautiful sun For 2023, I want economic stability, peace and prosperity for all.”

Commemorate half a century with a special holiday

British Philip de Lang will celebrate his 50th birthday in 2022. The Abu Dhabi-based executive chef said it was one of the main highlights of his year.

2022 is also a special time for him, as he ventures out with family and friends on a two-week holiday in the south of France.

Philip de Lang

“I’m taking a sabbatical after three years, so the sabbatical is really special.”

On a professional level, DeLong says 2022 has kept him busy with many special events – including F1, the UAE’s 51st national day – and he and his team are working around the clock to keep their clients happy.

“These events are fantastic.”

On a personal level, he paddled Al Reem Island during Halloween, which proved to be another major highlight for him.

For 2023, travel is definitely on DeLong’s mind. “Our idea is to achieve a balance between work and family time in 2023. “So our goal is to have more time with family and friends without compromising work. “

Finding Work-Life Balance

In a personal note, Digital University chief executive Jowita Michalska said she was happy to see people after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

Jovita Michaelska

“It feels great to see people face to face and to be able to hug them,” said the Polish expatriate. “I feel human again.”

What is her expectation for 2023? “For world prosperity. That’s why I’m co-hosting one of the biggest conferences in Abu Dhabi next November, with hundreds of speakers from different industries. I’m really looking forward to the event.”

travel, triathlon

26-year-old Egyptian expat Raghad Mortada is having an incredible year in 2022. From more than 375 hours of triathlon training to traveling around the world, Mortada said she had a great year.

“I’m doing a masters program in Spain. So it’s fair to say that my life is going through quite a bit of change right now – a new culture, a new language and a whole new life. But I’m looking forward to the new year because it will bring All joy.”

lahad motada

Mortada is happy to take advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to her – whether it’s traveling or simply climbing the rock of success in her career.

“I am so happy to be back home in Dubai during the holidays and spend leisure time with my family.”

good memories, new hope

Somabha Bagchi, a 62-year-old housewife and expatriate from India, said: “Looking back on 2022, I can think of countless days when I visited Expo 2020. Waiting in long lines, admiring the spectacular pavilions, feeling the excitement around me, hooking I look forward to 2023 with positivity, hope and enthusiasm.

Sumba Baji

“I hope there will be no more Covid-19 scares and no more wars. I love to travel a lot and hope everyone is happy and healthy.”

change for the better

Dina Manaf, a 16-year-old Jordanian expatriate student, says 2022 has changed her — for the better. She comes out of 2022 with the confidence to know what she wants and how to achieve it.

An A-level student in Dubai has already started working towards her career goals and passions.

in manav

Over the past year, Manav has been in charge of the school’s initiatives to raise funds for flood-affected areas of Pakistan, while also forming an association of schools that aims to provide aid to areas of the world affected by climate change.

“I also discovered a love for biology and knew it was the right path for me. Looking ahead to 2023, I hope to achieve a work-life balance and leave my friends and family with Give enough time,” she said.

Manaf plans to apply to different universities in 2023. “This is going to be a big year for me.”

spending time with loved ones

As a young Pakistani in Grade 6 and 1, Shakir Omar’s special time of year is spending time with the people he loves, whether it’s with his relatives in Pakistan or visiting his sister in Canada.He found

Shakir Omar

2022 is the year he’s not afraid to step out of his comfort zone, whether that’s traveling all the way to Canada alone or going to Abu Dhabi with friends for his first concert. His participation in the Formula 1 Grand Prix concert was one he swore he would never forget. Surrounded by his friends and great music, the event in Abu Dhabi promises to stay in his memory for a long time.

Spending Eid al-Adha with family in Pakistan is also special as the importance of family and togetherness is reflected in Shakir celebrations and after 6 months of study and exams, spending time with family is refreshing.

In 2023, Shakir plans to do more travel. This time he plans to visit the UK with his family, and it will be a wonderful trip.

After passing his IGCSE exams, Shakir believes he has felt a shift in his mentality towards academics and plans to work harder for the upcoming exams in 2023. He’s prepared for the unpredictability that life is sure to throw at him, and plans for 2023 to be the best version of himself, more personal growth and spending time doing the things he loves.

evolution, new possibilities

Filipino expatriate Jover Dela Cruz, founder of HR consulting firm Philpro, said he sees 2022 as “the year of evolution.”

“On the professional side, companies are realizing the benefits of technological advancements making working from home possible. It’s a testament to how we’ve adjusted globally over the past two years.”

By 2023, organizations will face historic challenges, he said. “A competitive talent environment, a burnt-out workforce, and the pressure to contain costs. Let’s all embrace change, re-strategize, and open our hearts to new possibilities,” Cruz said.

connected to the root

Sakithma Imashi Iddawela, a 16-year-old Sri Lankan expatriate, said the highlight of 2022 was an impromptu visit to her home country. “I’m spending quality time with my relatives and we’ve never been more connected. Being with my family is pure bliss.”

We organized a parade in Itavila

Another highlight for her: Covid-19 restrictions finally lifted. “I can meet more people and make new friends,” Iddawela said.

For the coming year, she hopes to do well in her Year 12 final exams. She hopes to succeed through sheer hard work and determination – while maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends. “In the coming year, I will not let other people and circumstances defeat me.”

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