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UAE: Restaurants offer meals to visit visa holders and job seekers – News

UAE: Restaurants offer meals to visit visa holders and job seekers – News

“We don’t have any terms and conditions with these people,” the restaurateur said

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published: Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 10:30 am

A Sharjah restaurant that has been offering free meals to the poor for eight years is now offering free meals to those on visitor visas, too.

“People who are unemployed, on a visitor visa or whose visa has expired can come to our restaurants in Muweilah and Saja, Sharjah, and we will provide them with a free meal. We provide this service to those in need, regardless of their country of origin. We The people being hosted are mainly from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Africa, they have lost their jobs and they have run out of money. They can come to us and tell us that they have a visitor visa but have no money,” said Shahid Asghar, owner of Karachi Star Restaurant Bangash said.

“We don’t have any terms and conditions for these people. They can order whatever is available that day. We also have a password for these people in the restaurant staff, so we ask the restaurant staff to place an order for them so that they don’t It would hurt their self-esteem, and no one else in the restaurant would know. They,” he said.

This is one of many eateries serving food to those in need in the UAE. Fatta Kawareh, a traditional Egyptian restaurant in Abu Hail, has been providing free meals to the poor, Khaleej Times reported.

In 2020, Indian couple Shujath Ali and his wife Ayesha Abrar also provided leftovers to blue-collar workers to feed some 8,000 people in need.

Another restaurant, Yummy Dosa, also announced on the eve of World Blood Donor Day last year to provide free meals to blood donors to thank blood donors for their selfless behavior.

Shahid Bangash said that people come to the UAE in search of work, but not everyone is lucky enough to find a job. “Many of them are facing difficult times before they can find a job. So we are helping them by providing three meals a day for free and not asking for any proof of employment,” he said.

Some people even visit the restaurant for a month, so there is no limit on the number of visits, he said.

The Karachi Star owner revealed that the idea came from his late uncle when he opened his first restaurant in the Saja area.

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