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UAE, Saudi Arabia ‘continue to lead’ regional CSR

As a direct result of increased CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, more than 60% of UAE brands have seen a significant increase in consumer engagement, while in KSA, 52% of brands believe that CSR has increased consumer trust in the brand.

Overall efforts to increase corporate social responsibility in the UAE and the GCC have increased significantly compared to last year, with more than 90 percent of respondents meeting the definition and purpose of corporate social responsibility, said Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy (C&B), a firm The leading Mena agency, based in Dubai, in collaboration with global research partner 3Gem Research and Insights, has released the third edition of its annual Mena CSR Report 2022.

Eight out of 10 UAE companies plan to strengthen their CSR practices, with Egypt and the GCC currently at similar levels, with an average of over 65% of companies actively tracking and enforcing CSR performance.

Investing in Corporate Social Responsibility

UAE managers are more likely than KSA managers to strongly agree that investing in CSR activities has a long-term net positive impact on ‘my’ business’ bottom line (profits).

In recent years, countries in the Middle East have begun to take significant steps to foster a culture of social responsibility, with the UAE and Saudi Arabia leading the way in promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices. The 2022 report also highlights positive changes in sentiment in some countries that previously scored lower.

The survey involved 314 C-level executives from 9 countries across 12 industries in the MENA region, providing a representative sample of the business community with respondents from companies of various sizes and industries.

The survey was designed to be a comprehensive survey covering a wide range of topics relevant to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) landscape in the region. As such, the CSR Mena report is a reliable and reliable source of information that provides insight into the perceptions and actions of business leaders in the region.

major change

The growing importance of corporate social responsibility in the region, especially in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, marks a major shift towards a more sustainable and socially responsible business environment. This underscores the growing awareness of the role business can play in promoting sustainable development, and the potential for these countries to lead in this area.

Ahmad Itani, founder and CEO of C&B, said: “Through our report, we aim to drive the further development of sustainable business practices and elevate the role of business in promoting sustainable development The growing recognition of the importance of corporate social responsibility in the region is a source of optimism, and we believe our continued efforts will help build a more sustainable and socially responsible future for all in the region .

“In the post-2020 era, as CSR continues to grow, it is heartening to see the UAE and Saudi Arabia continue to provide the greatest leadership in regional CSR, with countries such as Egypt and Qatar reaching CSR engagement regional standards and in some respects surpassing them. This is a testament to the efforts of governments and businesses in these countries to prioritize social responsibility and sustainability.”

no reduction

Darren Ryan, Global Creative Director, 3Gem Research & Insights, said: “It is encouraging to note that, consistent with last year’s report, the majority (three-quarters) of MENA companies plan to increase their CSR activities over the next 12 months, with further The Fifth Plan replicated their CSR activities from last year. It was also promising to find that hardly any companies scaled back their CSR activities. This latest edition provides valuable insight into how businesses can continue to deliver on CSR now and in the future .”

Itani concluded: “The importance of CSR has never been more important and we are proud to be part of this journey and play a role in supporting the growing importance of CSR in the MENA region.” — trade arab news agency

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