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UAE Security Alert: Update Google Chrome

On October 3, 2023, the UAE Cyber Security Council issued an “important alert” regarding a critical security vulnerability in Google Chrome. The vulnerability has already been exploited, potentially leading to application crashes or arbitrary code execution.

The alert states, “Google recently released version 117.0.5938.132 of Chrome to address a critical security vulnerability, CVE-2023-5217, in the browser. The vulnerability allows attackers to exploit the VP8 video codec’s encoding to install spyware or execute remote code.”

To address this issue, the authority recommends residents to promptly install the recently released security updates from Google and share this information with their companies and business partners.

The latest Google Chrome update addresses various issues, including information exposure, remote code execution, privilege escalation, security bypass, and denial of service. The update is available for Linux, Microsoft, and MacOS.

The Cyber Security Council has previously issued alerts for residents related to security concerns with various devices, including a recent alert regarding security vulnerabilities in certain Apple devices.

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