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UAE sends second batch of home generators to Ukraine – News

UAE sends second batch of home generators to Ukraine – News

Aid to help civilians survive harsh winter as ongoing crisis disrupts energy infrastructure and causes blackouts

by WAM

published: Friday, January 6, 2023 at 6:47 pm

An Emirati plane carrying a second batch of domestic generators has arrived in Warsaw, Poland, as part of the UAE’s aid to Ukrainian civilians affected by the ongoing crisis.

In December, the UAE announced it would send 2,500 home generators to civilians affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, which has disrupted energy infrastructure and caused blackouts, in an effort to help them survive the harsh winter.

The first batch of aid, including 1,200 generators, was dispatched last month and the rest were delivered today.

The support comes from the UAE’s distribution of $100 million in humanitarian relief aid to civilians affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

It stems from the UAE’s belief in the importance of human solidarity, especially in situations of conflict, and is part of the country’s moral commitment to people affected by disputes around the world.

In response to the UN Ukrainian Emergency Appeal and Regional Refugee Response to the Ukrainian Situation, the UAE has taken the initiative since the beginning of the crisis to alleviate the suffering of those affected by sending 8 aircraft carrying 360 tons of food, medical aid and Ukrainian refugees from Poland, Moldova and Bulgaria ambulance.

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