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UAE Summer Sale: Discounts, promotions help residents save up to 75%, win cars, coupons – News


Dubai Summer Surprise and Sharjah Summer Sale attract crowds of residents and tourists

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published: Wednesday, July 5, 2023 at 6:00 am

The UAE Summer Sale makes every dirham worth staying in the UAE during the long holiday. With the big shopping sales of Dubai Summer Surprise and Sharjah Summer Sale, the season gets hotter, attracting crowds of residents and tourists alike. These promotions offer incredible discounts, allowing shoppers to save up to 75% on their purchases.

It’s that time of year when UAE residents fly out of the country to visit their loved ones, taking advantage of discounts and promotions for gifts, handbags and electronics. Likewise, those who remained at home chose to profit from such deals, furnishing their homes with new furniture and appliances.

The ongoing Sharjah Summer Sale 2023 starts 1 July and runs for 65 days, offering huge discounts of up to 75% and AED 100,000 worth of vouchers, plus sweepstakes for hotel packages, travel packages and a brand new Nissan patrol.

Likewise, the 26th edition of the Dubai Summer Surprise (DSS), which will run from 29 June to 3 September, is back with shopping offers, promotions and giveaways.

UAE resident and Saudi entrepreneur Rayan Azab said discounts and promotions can help families save money by buying the world’s top brands at discounted prices.

“I personally like buying things for my kids that I can’t get anywhere in the world. I’m excited that Dubai has global brands in one place,” says Azab, who is also the founder of Azdef Group.

Najwa Jaberi, a Syrian citizen and Dubai resident, said DSS was a great opportunity to buy a variety of products for the whole family at great prices, especially fashion and beauty products, and she still managed to save up to $25 during the summer sale percentage.

“Families pay a lot of extras for summer vacations and staycations. That’s why summer sales can have a significant impact on their budgets. Expats in particular wait for sales to refurbish their homes or buy high-end furniture.” The Final Product ,” said Jaberi, who has lived in the UAE for ten years.

If she stays in the country for the summer, Jaberry said, she’ll replace some furniture or electronics during the sale. “If I’m going home for the holidays, I’m going to buy high-end shoes, handbags, clothing and cosmetics.”

Ahmareen Siddiqui, a longtime Sharjah resident, is preparing to spend her summer holidays with her family in her native India. Her feelings are not dissimilar to those of Najwa Jaberi.

“For residents traveling back home during the summer holidays, big shopping discounts have helped a lot in terms of savings, sometimes up to 75%. I saved hundreds of dirhams this month when I shopped for my trip to India,” Siddiqui said. He is also a school teacher.

She usually follows the social media pages of shopping malls and retail brands for the latest information on ongoing deals, flash sales and special offers.

“Events like the Sharjah Summer Sale and Dubai Summer Surprises help expats buy branded goods in bulk without emptying their pockets,” Siddiqui added.


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