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UAE universities partner with 333 academic and research institutions in India

UAE universities partner with 333 academic and research institutions in India

Al Ain: In the international research cooperation strategy, the University of the United Arab Emirates has established effective research cooperation with major research and academic institutions to enhance the university’s reputation and global ranking. International partners are selected based on their areas of strength. Indian academic and research institutions are among the international partners of UAE universities.

Professor Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Provost for Research at UAE University, said: “International collaboration is a strategic research priority aimed at increasing the efficiency of research productivity and quality in order to achieve the University’s vision of being a research-intensive university at the research level. and significant contribution to science and knowledge. Collaboration with Indian academic institutions will lead to a qualitative leap in research output by benefiting from the capabilities of Indian Universities and Research Centres.

Professor Ahmed Murad noted that UAE university staff and researchers have collaborated with researchers from 333 Indian academic and research institutions during 2017-2022. According to Scopus data, researchers from UAE universities published 674 research papers with researchers from Indian universities and research centers during this period. Published 55 research papers jointly with the All India Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, with a total of 24,046 citations.

Professor Ahmed Murad explained that according to Scopus data, between 2017 and 2022, UAEU researchers co-published 71 papers with researchers from the Manipal Institute of Higher Education. Thirty-eight researchers from UAE universities and 92 researchers from Manipal College contributed to the publications. Additionally, research collaborations with the Indian Council of Medical Research have produced 43 research papers between 2017 and 2022, according to Scopus data. Twenty-two researchers from UAE universities and 31 researchers from the Indian Council of Medical Research contributed to the publications.

The vice provost for research added that areas of collaboration with Indian academic research institutions focus on medical and health sciences, in addition to materials science.

Additionally, two studies are currently underway by researchers at the UAE University and researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. The first study was on “diabetes,” while the second was on “Assessment of groundwater recharge due to sudden heavy rainfall in arid regions using geographic information systems and remote sensing.”


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