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UAE Visit Visa Holders: Top Official Advocates Work Access

UAE Visit Visa Holders: Top Official Advocates Work Access

In adherence to existing regulations, engaging in employment while on a visit visa in the UAE constitutes an illegal act, subjecting both individuals and companies to substantial fines and penalties upon violation. A senior official has emphasized the advantages of granting visit visa holders the opportunity to work legally within the UAE. Proposals entail the establishment of work permits and adherence to legal stipulations, thereby enabling employers to lawfully hire visitors.


UAE Visit Visa Holders
UAE Visit Visa Holders


Under current regulations, individuals holding visit visas are prohibited from seeking employment within the UAE. Severe penalties, including hefty fines, await companies found in contravention of this restriction by hiring visitors. The requisite protocol dictates that companies must obtain an employment visa and work permit prior to the commencement of an employee’s duties.

Dr. Ali Humaid bin Khatem, advocate-general and head of the Naturalisation and Residency Prosecution, underscored the potential for fostering a symbiotic relationship through the lawful employment of visitors. This proposition was articulated during the Entrepreneurship Makers Forum, an event convened by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) Dubai at Al Khawaneej earlier in the week.

However, Dr. Ali Humaid urged caution among business proprietors, emphasizing the prevailing legal constraints that prohibit the employment of visitors. He elucidated, “[A] visit or tourist entry permit/visa does not grant you the right to work in the UAE. Violating this regulation incurs a Dh50,000 fine per individual, serving as a deterrent against enterprises engaging in such practices.” He further emphasized the imperative of adhering to established regulations, asserting that these laws were instituted to safeguard the interests of both business owners and employees.

In addition to addressing employment regulations, Dr. Ali Humaid also voiced concerns regarding the issue of counterfeit Emiratisation during a panel discussion at the forum. Emiratisation, a policy aimed at promoting the employment of UAE nationals, is deemed fraudulent when individuals are employed in nominal positions without genuine responsibilities solely to fulfill a company’s Emiratisation quotas. Similarly, rehiring UAE nationals within the same company to circumvent Emiratisation targets constitutes deceptive practice. Last November, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation referred 113 private companies to the Public Prosecution for violating Emiratisation mandates, with 98 companies implicated in appointing citizens to counterfeit Emiratisation roles.

The forum’s second edition centered on deliberations regarding the foremost challenges encountered by young entrepreneurs and strategies for their mitigation. Lieutenant-General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, director-general of the GDRFA, underscored the pivotal role of content creators in bolstering entrepreneurial innovators, amplifying their influence, and facilitating empowerment. Essam Lootah, CEO of Imtiaz Service, emphasized the significance of legislative frameworks in supporting youth initiatives and fortifying sustainable development efforts.

As discussions progressed at the Entrepreneurship Makers Forum, additional insights were shared regarding the pivotal role of legislation and legal frameworks in nurturing youth initiatives and fortifying sustainable development. Essam Lootah, CEO of Imtiaz Service, elaborated on the critical need for robust legal structures to provide a supportive environment for budding entrepreneurs. By establishing clear guidelines and regulations, the legal framework can serve as a catalyst for innovation and economic growth, offering stability and security for both investors and emerging businesses.

Moreover, the forum delved into the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs, ranging from regulatory hurdles to market competition. Lieutenant-General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri emphasized the importance of addressing these obstacles through collaborative efforts between government entities, private sector stakeholders, and the entrepreneurial community. By fostering an ecosystem conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship, the UAE aims to position itself as a global hub for creativity and enterprise.

One of the key themes that emerged from the discussions was the need for mentorship and support networks for aspiring entrepreneurs. Recognizing the value of mentorship in guiding young professionals and imparting valuable insights, the forum explored strategies for connecting experienced mentors with emerging talent. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders, aspiring business owners can gain invaluable knowledge and mentorship to navigate the challenges of starting and scaling their ventures.

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