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UAE’s ‘little hands’ of masterminding Qatar-EU scandal – Doha News


The same man who wrote a report last June on the UAE’s maneuvers to influence EU policy has now been arrested by Belgian authorities.

The latest EU scandal, dubbed “Qatargate” by various Western publications, continues to grab headlines as investigations into corruption and bribery in the European Parliament remain ongoing.

The scandal quickly turned into a major political crisis in the EU corridors due to multiple arrests in Belgium, prompting questions – just who is behind the scenes?

According to the popular Italian news site, Dagospiand was echoed by several other media, such as the United States new york weekly and italian newspapers newspaperthere may well be a “little hand” directed at the United Arab Emirates in the scandal that has infiltrated Qatar’s relations with the European Union.

according to Dagospiit was the de facto head of Abu Dhabi intelligence, Tanun bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who leaked everything to Belgium, sparking an avalanche that swept through the European Parliament.

Sheikh Tahnoon, also known as TbZ, has been Abu Dhabi’s main proxy globally, along with his brother, the UAE’s third president, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

According to New York Weekly, “The report [of Dagospia] Makes sense” as Abu Dhabi has repeatedly led various actions against Qatar, including the UAE’s lobbying attempts in DC and a media offensive targeting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In November, a classified report compiled by US intelligence said the UAE had made “extensive efforts” to “manipulate the US political system”.

Since 2016, the UAE has reportedly spent more than $154 million on American lobbyists, with millions more, according to Justice Department records Among the funding and donations to U.S. think tanks and universities, many are associated with Findings in favor of UAE interests.

Favorable Emirati interests also appear to include an anti-Qatar campaign. Significant evidence includes previously unreported 2022 court documents showing that various UAE-funded individuals fought fiercely to quash subpoenas to turn over information related to secret collusion, according to an intelligence online report related to the same case. All correspondence and documents. Anti-Qatar PR campaign and disclose payments received and from whom.


in the reported coincidence newspaper Backing the claim that the UAE is orchestrating the EU scandal in which Qatar is accused of corruption is the role of a small NGO called No Justice No Peace, founded by Italian activist Emma Bonino.

The NGO’s secretary-general, Niccolò Figà Talamanca, was arrested at the same time as other EU ministers charged with corruption and last week a Belgian court extended his prison sentence.

Exactly what the man has been charged with is unclear because his name does not appear in documents under investigation and his NGO appears to be registered on the European Parliament’s transparency register.

In Brussels circles, however, it has been pointed out that last June the NGO Droit au Droit produced a report on the UAE’s tactics in influencing policy and submitted it by Nicola Giovannini, who worked with Figà Talamanca and No Peace The report does no justice.

The 150-page report provides a detailed analysis of disinformation between the UAE lobby and political parties, parliaments and think tanks in the media, official and parallel reports.

Italian newspapers then questioned why and how, but a few months later Belgian secret services launched an investigation “on the straights of Abu Dhabi”, compromising the NGO that submitted the report, suggesting it was a Gulf state ruse Either divert attention or retaliate.

On the other hand, New York Weekly has suggested that investigative media and legislators in Europe may shed more light on how the UAE influences and exerts its dominance within the EU through influential and influential paid networks at the behest of MbZ and TbZ Sponsored agency.

What is the EU corruption scandal?

this corruption case Involved in bribery allegations related to Qatar and Morocco in an attempt to influence EU policy.

Authorities in Brussels have arrested and charged four people in early December and seized at least 1.5 million euros in cash from the home of a current and a former member of the European Parliament, as Belgian authorities say they are investigating corruption and money laundering, according to Financial Times Report.

Qatar has since come under fire in various Western media reports, notably after the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office issued a media statement saying police “suspect Gulf states influencing economic and political decisions in the European Parliament”.

According to the European Parliament, the combined impact of corruption within the EU across all member states is close to 1,000 billion euros, or 6.3% of its total GDP, which, according to the authors, “proves that the problem is not external but internal”. inside the fruit. “

With more than 12,500 organizations registered in the European Parliament, representing more than 50,000 people, the current corruption scandal is likely not unique, with other foreign and major powers having intervened and paid the price to influence EU policy.

As it stands, the European Parliament has no internal control body, unlike the European Commission which has the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).


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