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UN Security Council condemns Israel’s new West Bank settlement plan

UN Security Council condemns Israel’s new West Bank settlement plan

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield expressed concern about the violence in Israel and Israel’s announcement of plans to build new settlements in the West Bank during Monday’s U.N. Security Council meeting. File photo by Bonnie Cash/UPI
A panoramic view of new buildings in the Israeli settlement of Kefar Adummim in the West Bank on Saturday.Photo by Debbie Hill/UPI
Palestinians inspect a destroyed wedding hall following an Israeli attack on Gaza City in the early morning hours of 13 February. Israeli airstrikes on Gaza amid ongoing unrest in the occupied West Bank, the military said.Photo by Ismail Mohammad/UPI

February 20 (United Press International) — The UN Security Council on Monday expressed opposition to Israel’s authorization to build nine new settlements in the West Bank.

security council meet Discuss the latest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The council adopted a presidential statement “expressing deep concern and disappointment” at Israel’s plans.


The statement reinforced calls for a two-state solution, with borders and equal freedoms for Israel and Palestine. The council expressed concern that the approval of more settlements in the West Bank threatened the possibility of any type of peace agreement and threatened the Palestinian homeland.

Security Council also expressed concern over escalating violence in Middle East, where Israelis and Palestinians exchanged fire Gaza strip.

Tor Wennesland, special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, said the outbreak of violence included some of the deadliest incidents in the past 20 years. He called on the leaders of both sides to take steps towards peace and a two-state solution.

“I am concerned that developments on the ground are continuing their negative trajectory, increasing in speed and intensity,” he said.

“As Ramadan once again coincides with this year’s Passover and Easter holidays, a concerted effort is needed to ensure a safe and peaceful time for all.”

U.S. ambassador to UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield opposes West Bank settlements, rejects calls from House Republicans veto Any “anti-Israel resolution”. Thomas Greenfield condemned the terrorist attacks in Israel, particularly the Jan. 27 attack on a synagogue in East Jerusalem.

Monday’s discussion echoed views expressed by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in a call with the Israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on Sunday.

“I reaffirmed our strong support for a negotiated two-state solution and emphasized the urgent need for Israelis and Palestinians to take steps to restore calm and that we oppose escalating unilateral measures,” Blinken said. tweets.

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