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Union Permits: Obtaining an EU passport, clients’ reviews Description: Registration of European Union passport with Unionpermits. What documents are required to become an EU citizen? Union Permits reviews.

Union Permits reviews: how to obtain European Union citizenship

Union Permits is an immigration company recommended by many reviews around the Internet. According to the official website, it provides legal assistance and helps to relocate to EU. This organization offers the following relocation programs, which are ranked by popularity among immigrants (from high to low):

  • Naturalization;
  • Repatriation;

Naturalization is a common way of obtaining citizenship. Applicants need to live, work or study in the state for a long period of time using residence permit to gain an EU passport. According to immigrants’ reviews, this method is the most popular.

Repatriation is commonly referred to as “restoring citizenship”. If your relatives were citizens of an EU country, you can obtain an id-card there (the law of each individual European country should be taken into account).

Investment is suitable for wealthy immigrants. It requires providing a certain amount of money in the form of real estate, a company or government bonds in an EU country. This program is the least popular among immigrants. In most cases it provides residence permit, not citizenship.

Many reviews on the Internet confirm that Union Permits lawyers offer assistance at all stages of these processes. They consult, help with the collection, processing of the necessary documents, manage all procedures in a way of obtaining EU citizenship.

What documents are required to obtain EU citizenship

In addition to standard documents (birth, marriage, no criminal record certificates, passports, application etc.) you must provide supplementary ones, depending on what immigration program you choose. Those will be described below (some can vary in different countries).

Documents for naturalization:

  • Proof of sufficient residence time in the state (using permanent residence permit);
  • Rent agreement or real estate documentation;
  • Evidence of sufficient income level;
  • Written CV.

Documents for repatriation:

  • Evidence of ethnicity or territory affiliation to a country;
  • Documents for investments:
  • Confirmation of share or direct ownership of the company;
  • Health insurance;
  • Rent agreement or real estate documentation.

Immigrants may make inaccuracies when collecting the necessary documents. According to numerous reviews, most people submit paperwork that is out of date, incorrectly prepared, or has translation problems. This leads to rejection by EU governments.

Obtaining EU citizenship with Union Permits

According to Union Permits reviews, lawyers of this organization help collect the necessary documents, check their quality before submitting them, and make this process easy for the client. They consult, guide and take care of all the procedures for obtaining EU citizenship.

According to official website, stages of obtaining European citizenship with this organization are the following:

  1. Initial consultation — lawyers analyze the case and suggest best decision for the client;
  2. Signing an official agreement — this confirms legality of cooperation;
  3. Gathering all necessary documents — professionals help collect and check them;
  4. Submission of an application — Union Permits’ lawyers attend all procedures and give legal advices;
  5. Receiving an EU passport — experts ensure that all internal documents of the European Union country were obtained.

Reviews about Union Permits emphasize reliability of this organization, quality of lawyers’ performance and speed of obtaining citizenship with their help.

Reviews about Union Permits

When browsing the Internet, most of Union Permits reviews were found to be positive. Immigrants talked about their pleasant personal experience after cooperating with this organization, praised the lawyers for high level of professionalism and speed of work. Some of the reviews are described below.


In this Union Permits review, we can see that the client obtained European citizenship within a year and a half. The company’s lawyers explained everything step by step and helped them successfully immigrate to the EU.


The author of this review about Union Permits described the services of this company. Experts collected all necessary documents for immigration to Europe, submitted them to Upravna Enota (Ministry of Justice of Slovenia) and communicated with authorities.


This review explains the importance of consultation. Union Permits lawyers analyzed clients’ case and suggested options to consider. After choosing the country for relocation, experts prepared the documents for them. They can now proceed to immigrate to Europe.

All of the Union Permits reviews mentioned above can be considered positive. Immigrants appreciate the legal support and services provided by this company. Specialists seem to be reliable and helpful when moving to the EU.


Union Permits, considering all the information above, appears to be a trustworthy immigration company that assists in relocating to the EU. Because of the inaccuracies that arise in gathering documents, registration and other procedures, legal assistance from lawyers can be helpful. They make immigration to Europe effortless and guide the client through all the procedures of European passport obtainment. Union Permits reviews confirm that this is an organization worth considering.

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