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Establishing Unprecedented Standards for Upscale Living in JVC

AYS Property Development, a prominent Dubai-based premium property developer, is set to redefine luxury living standards in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) with the introduction of their latest high-end development by the end of October. The company is committed to solidifying its position in Dubai’s flourishing luxury real estate market, which is projected to grow at a rate of 13.5 percent in 2023, the highest growth rate for any prime market globally, according to a Knight Frank report.

Embarking on a Journey of Excellence

AYS Property Development which commenced its journey five years ago, has garnered acclaim for its commitment to delivering superior-quality residences that offer exceptional amenities and competitive prices. This commitment has attracted high-net-worth individuals, millionaires, and investors to Dubai. The developer is owned and led by a group of seasoned international investors with extensive backgrounds in oil and gas, banking and finance, and real estate development in Russia, Kazakhstan, and the UAE.

A History of Success: JVC

AYS Property Development’s first flagship project, “Q Gardens – Boutique Residence,” located in Arjan, was launched in 2018 and quickly sold out, enjoying a strong reception from the market. This project embodies the developer’s three core values: Prime Location, Superior Quality, and Competitive Prices. Following this success, the developer introduced its second venture, “Q Gardens Lofts,” located in JVC, which also sold out completely and is on track for timely completion and handover to buyers.

Advancing to New Heights: JVC

AYS Property Development is set to launch its third project, “Q Gardens Lofts 2,” towards the end of October in JVC. This new flagship development will offer advanced amenities and larger spaces compared to Lofts 1, further solidifying the developer’s position in the market.

A Commitment to Quality: JVC

The developer places a strong emphasis on quality, prioritizing it in their value proposition. Quality is paramount to the long-term value of a property and ensures lucrative rental returns. AYS Property Development has observed that quality remains a priority in maintaining property value. The company is committed to delivering projects that last, minimizing the long-term maintenance costs for property owners. AYS Property Development meticulously selects prime locations, collaborates with top architects and design agencies, and uses high-quality construction materials, branded appliances, and fixtures.

A Vision for the Future: JVC

Looking ahead, AYS Property Development is planning to introduce another residential project in JVC by early next year. This move will further strengthen the company’s position in the market, sending a clear message that the premium developer is here to stay and continue its vision further and wider. The company is on a mission to be recognized as the top choice for trusted developers who deliver projects on time and offer unmatched value to property buyers.

AYS Property Development is set to elevate its standing in Dubai’s competitive real estate landscape by adhering to its unwavering commitment to quality and value-driven offerings.

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