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‘Unstable’ Season 2 – Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Release Date, and More

the first season unstableA Very Different Family (albeit with a similar dynamic) starring real-life father-son duo Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe is now streaming on Netflix. Rob plays Ellis Dragon, a biotech CEO whose son Jackson joins his father’s company after his mother’s death.

The story is fictional, but the pair, who also co-created the series, brought a lot of their own experiences to the show, not least the son’s urge to escape the shadow of his more famous father.

“Your parents, whoever they are, are always bugging you. Always. Even when you’re an adult,” John Owenlow recently told men’s health in a cover story with his father“As you get older, your relationship changes and your parents become more of your friends – but they still bug you. They should. You’re 59 and your dad sometimes bother you.”

“s story unstable It’s our story too! Rob added. “It’s not just, oh, my dad and I are doing comedy lol.” ”

will there be a second season unstable?

It’s too early to say if the streaming giant will renew the deal unstable The second season, because the first season just launched on the platform this week. However, The Lowe family’s star power combined with a keen sense of comedy writing unstable Likely to be a Netflix hit.

Who will appear in season 2?

central cast unstable Of course rely on Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe, flea bag and test Star Sean Clifford plays a supporting role.All are expected to return if renewed.

When will Season 2 be released?

the first season unstable Announced in April 2022 and released in late March 2023. If Netflix confirms a second season soon, new episodes could arrive on the streaming platform in a year or so.

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