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Vilma Mattila, How is she Moving Forward with 5ire?

Vilma Mattila is the co-founder and CBO of 5ire. It’s a blockchain ecosystem that supports sustainability and growth. It acts as the gateway from the 4th industrial revolution to the 5th industrial revolution. Vilma Mattila, along with the co-founders of 5ire, Pratik Gauri, the CEO, and Prateek Dwivedi, the CMO, is moving forward in the journey. They also have a dedicated team that finds innovation and more success in a hypercompetitive global economy. Rather than a profit-motive economy, Vilma focuses on a benefit motive economy. Let’s learn how 5ire supports bringing sustainability with a Blockchain System in Vilma Mattila’s words.

Explain the background of you and the company in detail.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and a blockchain evangelist, passionate about futurism, fintech, and enabling start-ups to succeed in a hypercompetitive global economy. I jumped in when the opportunity came up to work with two proven leaders in 5ire, Pratik Gauri, the CEO, and Prateek Dwivedi, the CMO. In my opinion, 5ire addresses the most fundamental and urgent questions we are faced with today. And that is, “Is making a buck more important to us than the existence of the human race?”

Vilma Mattila, What are your goals?

When I asked myself the question about making a buck, my goals became abundantly clear. That’s when sustainability and the urgent need to include it in everything we do became apparent to me. Then I decided that I should do something about it. 5ire is a Fifth-generation blockchain with a mission to bring a shift from for-profit to a for-benefit economy. Please understand a desire to make a buck is natural, and everyone has it. However, the question of the hour is, can we do both equally and do it well.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of yourself/company right now?

Our biggest strength is the people we work with and, of course, the mission of changing the mindset from a for-profit shift to a for-benefit economy.

What was the path you/your company took to get to where you are today?

Smart work and building strength through people. You see, technology changes and innovation is accelerating rapidly. However, if you have a group of passionate, competent people, you can do anything. We have listened to brilliant people and our advisors, and we have formed partnerships with key stakeholders who share our passion for sustainability and include it in everything we do.

Why did you start (or want to be the head of) this company?

I think because it all made sense to me. Sustainability is something that makes the way forward crystal clear. Furthermore, clarity is critical for any mission when you’re on one.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

I think finding like-minded people, people who are as serious and as committed as you are.

Give us one word that describes you the best.

I think there is no single word that can describe me adequately. However, being direct comes to mind. I’m no-nonsense when it comes to it. Competent is another. I like to be competent and respect people who are good at what they do. Furthermore, adaptability is definitely something I regularly aspire to be.

What makes you excited about Mondays?

To be honest, the way it’s going right now, every day is a Monday, but, yes, getting up in the morning, I always keep the impact our work will bring to the world. It keeps me focused and committed.

What do you value most about your culture and vision?

I think the urgency and accountability. I honestly keep myself accountable to deliver what I promise and aspire to have people in our organization who feel and act the same way.

Vilma Mattila, Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.

I think being innovative and creative is the core skill I have honed over the past 7 to 8 years. I have incubated over 40 projects, including Qtum, Tron & Aleph Zero. So, it’s like a muscle you work to build over time. It’s not a miracle that happens overnight.

What are the strategies of your company, and how do they stand unique from your competitors?

I think we are unique in developing a solution that answers all the shortcomings in the blockchain ecosystem that exist right now and is trying to address anything that comes our way. For example, we addressed the forking problem with blockchain projects and developed 5ire to have future-proof and forkless upgradeability that allows all upgrades to happen seamlessly. We’re considering securing it against the onslaught of new technologies, like Quantum computing, and having one of the most innovative and hard-working research teams.

What are the key values that helped you overcome the roadblocks/challenges in your career? Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

Early in 5ire, we realized that we had to implement our ideas as solutions and not problems. So, we looked to our partners and the public in general to develop use cases that had the most impact. We could have honed our focus on problem-solving in the first world. Still, my co-founders and I looked outwards to where large swaths of earth’s population live and went to India to find partners and discover the most impactful solutions that we can deliver to affect a Billion plus people.

Vilma Mattila, How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

I think we will lead the sustainability revolution and have many impact investing ventures look our way to lead the change. I think it will be an honor and privilege to share our vision with them and work with them.

Where is your leadership going? What benefits do your clients get from your company in this competitive world?

SDGs and ESG compliance is rapidly becoming mainstream. Most public companies are either resolutely acting to comply with the oncoming standards or thinking seriously about implementing the changes. We will have a comprehensive blockchain solution that addresses the 5th generation of challenges, and we’ll be in a position to help them take a step forward into the 5th Industrial Revolution.

What are the services/solutions or products offered by your company at par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services?

5ire is not a single product but an entire blockchain network. It is malleable enough to work in both permissioned and non-permissioned modes to address the needs of public and private enterprises and public-private partnerships.

We already have MoUs signed with partners in 3 continents in various applications. We are working with educational institutions in India where our technology will impact close to a million students. So, the possibilities and endless, and I mean it when I say that our technology will impact over a billion people across the globe.

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